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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Mencintaimu - Kris Dayanti

"Hanya satu yang tak mungkin kembali. hanya satuyang tak pernah terjadi. Segalanya teramat bererti di hati ku, selamanya... "

Before we all go to bed, let’s just listen to this song. Suddenly it just came into my mind and I’ve been singing it the whole night!

Ahhh.. feeling so nostalgic la.

Past memories are pouring in. this song makes me reminisce of the yesterdays.
Kris Dayanti’s voice just made my tears to almost drop.

If you really love someone, don't let go. Yes, don't let go. DOn't act mulia by saying it's ok as long as she's happy. Pls la. All this is bullshit la.

LIVE from NTV7

This is my outfit on the first day of internship.

hahaha. Don't laugh!

Eh they say wear formal ma. So i wear formal la. Why?? Too formal is it??

I feel good. Handsome apa.

See. I look like one of the TV presenters. =p