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Sunday, 9 May 2010

extremely STIIM

Just reached hoem from a lecturer’s wedding.

U neo what I have so much to tell! So much!

But kenot kenot. Kenot tahan d.

I think I need to land on my bed now!

My mind, my actions and words just don’t synchronized. Otak mau A, mulut cakap B, tangan buat C.


Seriously I can feel that I am flying.

And my head is moving here as if im on the boat!

Cannot tahan d. cina cakap ‘stim’! im so damn STIM right now! BLUR!

Im too tired. Penat gila2.

Anyway it’s a very good and blessed night.

I love you all, everyone who I encountered tonight.


N congrats to Miss Joethi. I seriously gona miss you..very much!

*2.50am, just came back from yumcha wif coursemates n Miss Mok. beh tahan! bathe tmr la. good nite. tata.