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Monday, 16 April 2012

joy as easy as 1 2 3

Hohoho I am happy and I wana tell the world!

Today I’m off, not working. I didn’t go anywhere. Just stay at home, do houseworks until I felt so dull. I need an escapade or timeout. Beh tahan.. so I went out at about 6pm.

Where I went? Where else!! ‘Pasar Pencuri’ or the ‘Thieves Market’ as they call it la. That’s my shopping centre located at Armenian Street.

That’s where I get my happiness besides than seeing old people smiling.

I like observing different people going by.

Then something caught my attention. I saw a babychair. Yes babychair may seem nothing to you but I tell you, this babychair is made of steel. It’s an old babychair. Tell me where have you seen a steel babychair before? All we know it’s made of plastic.

This is rare!!

But you how much is it? RM40! Damn! This guy knows the value of it. Arrghhh! Where to korek RM40. I have the money but I was so reluctant to buy it at such a high price. My eyes were wild looking for the presence of a tattoo man. He’s rich. He collects antiques and his old shophouse has nothing but antiques and only antiques. I couldn’t let this chair slip into his hands.

I went to check out other stuffs there. After a while, the chair was still there. Well, I had to do what I had to do.


I asked for RM20. No. At the end, I brought out my cash. I had a total of RM29. I forced him to accept RM20. I said that’s all I have. Cilakak he said I should bring more money if I want to shop. Zzz.. Well, I pushed for RM20 again. At the end, cincaila I gave him another RM4 and I said let me keep the balance for petrol.

DEAL! Now the steel babychair is mine. I bought it for RM24! =p

I felt like I’m the happiest person on earth that I got a junk for a cheaper price. Most importantly I managed to get it before the rich tattoo man.

The secret is you have to show that you are poor and you really want it. But don’t go overboard la. they still need to make a living. If you think your price is reasonable, dare to spill it. If the seller says no, you walk away, they will call you back. If still cannot, okla you have to be nice and sweet. This way works when you deal with ladies. Hehehehe.

I must tell Pei Suang that I got a good deal again!

Yes I collect antiques and collectible items. Come give your junks, rubbish n sampah to me if you wana throw it away.

On the way home, it started to rain.

Guess what, I saw DOUBLE rainbow! Double!  As It rain heavily, I had to rush home, but I managed to snap a few shots.

I’m easily touched, easily get excited, easily be happy. I am satisfied with small little things.

Nyeh nyeh nyeh, at the end of the day, di sebalik hujan lebat, kilat sabung-menyabung, guruh berdentum, rebut petir, ada pelangi warna warni, there’s blessing, there’s a pot of colourful candies for you. =p

There’s a blessing in disguise.

Joy is being simple. Joy is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

*mum is sure gona nag me if she sees this rubbish!*