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Monday, 27 September 2010

bye friends, bye Melaka

although i am physically unable to be in Klang n Melaka wif my coursemates Lee Pei Suang, Tay Pang Chong, Tan Teck Joo, Cheong Jing Wen, Ng Ee Theng, Hah Haw Yeen, Wong Siew King, Chiew Zhi Wey, Tan Ai Peng, Tan Xiang Lin, Long Deng Wen, Tan Jia Min tomorrow for our biggest class trip, my spirit, soul n love always will be there with u all! enjoy ur trip and be safe! i'll pray for ur safety n happines. you take more nice photos and make me jealous la k. i know for sure i'll envy you guys. 

sorry i couldnt make it. 

i love u people. 

I love Melaka. 

hehehe. =p

last paper of Year 2 Semester 2

Last but not least, the very last and the hardest paper of all, Contemporary Malaysian Politics!

the name also so powerful.

GO GO GO students of Bachelor of Communication (Hons) Journalism minor in Political Science.

Do your best and all the best!

lap iu lap kaokao! burn midnite oil till hangus! serang! use all your bullets, if you have lah.

exam at 9am tomorrow. remember to set alarm!

good night!

help US to counter Islamophobia??

Settle your own problem first before you go kaypo wana solve other people's problem. Pandai-pandai hanya akan memakan diri. Jangan jaga tepi kain orang. Gau-gau cho laukau. Pochi! 


*thought of this after knowing that some nice people from Malaysia wana help Obama n US to get rid of Islamophobia. haha! what a joke!

*politicians ah, help your own people first la. don't always make fool of yourself. i malu u tau ka.. 

*aiyah Najib ah, settle ur own problem in your own country first before go kaypo in US la. letme tell u, many Malaysians oso facing Islamophobia u tau ka?? Jangan duk buat pandai-pandai la. tq.