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Thursday, 4 February 2010

when best friend is leaving..

how would you feel when you are on such situation? im not a good writer. i definitely not one.

busy lar...

haloooooooo.... i noe i have not been blogging much ever since my new semester began. Not that i don't want but i don't have the time.
I am so busy la.. But i am so happy.

heheh! 2010 is just too great. a lot of good things happened. my daily lives is packed ie. studies, activities, outings, sleep, kaypo, complain this n that, korek n write news. haha.

i noe there r ppl who read this crappy blog but sorila i im able to blog as much as how i did last time.

Trust me, I have a lot of things to say actually. Too many things to say but too little time. i still owe people articles and photos. see la how bad i am, how 'busy' i am.

i just reached home actually. adalah soemthing just now. today was awesome, like the rest of the day. ok, i'll talk more abt that when i have the time la. now i wana go oink oink, nak landing macam Superman atas katil den balik to my bed again tmr morning.

hehee. good nite. tata.