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Friday, 30 March 2012

don't over-protective

I pity those kids who are over-protected. If u parents tink u r doin da right ting, den u r so damn wrong. Give dem some freedom to develop, to make mistakes n to learn! They are not your remote control. Don't always say no to everything that they want to do. Have faith of them. Give them space to be an adult. Don’t force them to listen to everything you say. You are not always right. You are just making them into some useless doggy human!

Mould them to be a good person, not to be you.

 Remember that. 

*ya you may love them so much but this is not the way.*


This is happiness.

Long tiring day just went off because of this meal.

It's simple and yet it's delicious.

Late dinner feels like a meal in 5-star hotel.

Want to try how good it is?

Head to Veloo Villas at Little India.