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Monday, 31 August 2009

balik lumah 'tong tong chiang'

im back to kampar.. my second home.

what a journey. i was in a batman's car. the driver really crazy. 130-140km/h. fuh.. my heart felt like dropping. luckily i took a nap.

started our journey from Butterworth at 8.30pm. usually if i take bus, i'll reach kampar in 3hrs. but this time i reached my room in 1 hour and 55mins! arrghh!

im actually in my towel now. just p**. hehe i was planning to eat but it's too late d la. if i eat now, later kenot sleep, later kenot wake up for sahur.

i plan to mandi but lazy la.. nvm. we postponed again to tmr k?

i wana wake up early tmr at 5am to do something which are:

1) cuci toilet n kasut

2) laundry

3) clean my room

4) prepare food for sahur

5) edit wedding photos

6) take pics of my baju melayu and songkok

7) update my notes for final

8) choose my timetable for next semester

9) ...........

so peeps. buh-bye la. c u all tmr la. wana go oink2 d. gnite. tata.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

happy birthday malaysia

before i go out, let me wish my country happy birthday.

may it be well and happy.

haha! i mean may it be always prosperous la, harmony la, happy go lucky la, economically stabil la, no polarisation la, more democracy la, more unity, no disaster la, no war la, no disease la, no poverty la etc etc la.

im going to Bukit Jambul Complex to look for Baju Melayu then i'll head Queensbay Mall for countdown. heheh.

im meeting her. so happy.

okla. c u. tata.

sadhu! sadhu! sadhu!

PHOTO of the day

Yoyoyo. I wana show off smtg to u all. Hehe..

Good stuff must share-share.

I went out last night, mid-night actually to take photographs. What to do raining whole day kenot go out. It’s a good timing actually because I want the effect of the rain.

This is the abandoned Shih Chung Chinese School along Northam Road, just after Mansion 32 from Esplanade and after Citibank from Gurney.

Some developer has bought it. Just waiting for it to be developed. i tell u tjisd building sure kenot demolished because Penang is the Unesco world heritage city now.

And jeng jeng jeng. Ladies and gentlemen, im presenting you..


Yezi ( Leaf ) 阿桑 - A Sang 叶子

SONG of the day
 I have this habit-switch on the radio all night long. I love music. i love listen and watch news.

As i deleting some pictures i took, the DJ played a song. The music is so familiar.

It is one of my favourite chinese song. I have been searching for it for ages. I didn't even know what's the song's title and the singer. I can’t read chinese, so I duno how to download. My roommate is the one who sent this song to me.

Few days after i got the song, i received a shocking news.

The singer of that song has passed away.

Hmm… so sad right. She passed away few months ago because of breast cancer and I only knew about it last week. another good singer has passed away.

I duno what's the meaning of this song but i can feel the sadness in it.

i don't like this feeling. i hate it after someone passed away only we feel how much that person meant for us, how significant that person is in our life and how badly we have taken them for granted.

Emo ppl like me easily melt by this kind of songs. especially when the singers are no longer with us except their golden voice...

Listen-lah with your heart..


yèzi shì bù huì fēixiáng de chìbǎng
ǎng shì luòzài tiānshàng de yèzi翅膀是落在天上的叶子
tiāntáng yuánlái yīnggāi bù shì wàngxi
ǐshì wǒ zǎo yǐjing yíwàng
dāngchū zěnme kāish
ǐ fēixiáng

gūdān shì yī ge rén de kuánghuān单是一个人的狂欢
kuánghuān shì yī qún rén de gūdān
àiqíng yuánlái de kāish
ǐ shì péibàn
dàn w
ǒ yě jiànjiàn de yíwàng但我也渐渐地遗忘
dāngshí shì zěnyàng y
ǒu rén péibàn时是怎样有人陪伴

wǒ yī ge rén chīfàn lǚxíng dàochù zǒuzǒu tíngtíng
yě yī ge rén kànshū xiěxìn zìj
ǐ duìhuà tánxīn
ǐshì xīn yòu piāo dào le nǎli
jiù lián zìj
ǐ kàn yě kànbuqīng
ǒ xiǎng wǒ bù jǐnjǐn shì shīqù nǐ

yèzi shì bù huì fēixiáng de chìbǎng
ǎng shì luòzài tiānshàng de yèzi翅膀是落在天上的叶子

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Rain a/l Hujan

ayoooyoo! yennadei. amachai. gundechi. apachi. kuci-kuci. kuaci.

y la these 2weeks raining so heavily. non-stop pulak tu.

b4 dis was too hot like desert. dessert la. the place where camels live.

aih.. wa mau keluar pun susah.

ish ish ish.

apa sulah jadi.. usually dis season, i mean ini month la, talak hujian punyer.

y huh y huh?? u noe r??

''apa dah jadi? apa dah jadi?"

DO u noe that song from S.M. Salim? i bet you don't. kakaka! kueh kak!

can someone call dat Jabatan Meteorologi n ask r. i heard ppl say if u cal dem har, dey giv u free gifts u noe. call n c la. my hp no credit la.

semua olang complen. panas dia olang complen. hujan pun dia olang complen. ini manusia sikir-sikit complen la! aih..

tapi wa mau kasi lu tau. wa kesian la sama banjir punya olang. banjir itu flood la. u noe.. furthermore, now Ramadhan. dahla lapar, banjir pula tu, lepas tu kena cuci rumah. luckily this week sch hols. budak2 can main hujan den sakit. wakaka!

i think har the God must be very sad i think. sad bcoz of H1N1, Teoh Beng Hock, Kampung Buah Pala, Port Klang, Chua Soi Lek, Kartina, misuse of ISA, corruption, by-elections, our bad performance in Semester 2, and the latest cow head. aih..



Friday, 28 August 2009

PERIBAHASA of the day

Sepandai-pandai tupai melompat, akhirnya tak boleh masuk Olimpik juga.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Live From 113A

selamat tengah hari good afternoon.

anda bersama saya, Mr. Oh, Tv presenter paling hot pada tahun ini mengikut survey daripada Nielsen.

live reporting ini dibawakan secara eksklusif and free sama lu menerusi satelit A584B

saya melaporkan dari Class 111A. hahah!

Im now in Introduction to Advertising class.

Waiting for me n my group’s turn to do presentation.

Waaaa I smell so nice. Huhu. Body Shop’s perfume ma. U noe ah! Im handsome today!

Yala! Handsome la. kenapa?! Tak percaya ker??

took pics with so many ppl!

Argghh! Damn! shit! Suddenly mau berak la. sakit perut.

MAU P TOILET!! No time to poo poo la.

bye! gtg!

Raining outside.

3 presentations in 1 day

Yawwnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Awwwwwwwwwwwww… im so so sleepy! My eyes are sticking like UHU.

I woke at around 7am because I have class at 8am. But I didn’t go because I haven’t finish preparing for my presentations later.


1) 12.30pm – 2pm Mass Media and Society
2) 2pm – 3.30pm Introduction To Advertising
3) 4.30pm – 6pm English For Mass Communication

Then I slept again n just woke up at 10pm.

I’ve been away from university for a week last week. So all the presentations have to bring forward to this week. After today we’ll be free. No more assignments. No more presentations.

Haha! so I’ll go n finish up my slides now n have a cup of power ‘kopi o kowkow’.

QUOTE of the day

"You have to leave your past to enjoy the present."

- Dexter Khaw Kuo Wen

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Chin Eng The Si Bodoh

*I was trying to sleep atually from 10pm. I sms my fren, Chaleeda, her fren oso wen I was trying to sleep. I told my fren that I miss the girl that I love. She said the girl tak miss I pun! Haha. so honest of her.. it is really hurt. Ouch! Straight away I kenot sleep. It was so hard to breathe. My heart feel so hard to pump the blood to my body. Then I sms another fren, Felicita. Hehe. She cheer me up. I told her I need a break. I ajak her p backpack dis October n she said OK! Haha. bestnyer.. I sms the girl who doesn’t sayang me anymore at 6.56pm. And she tak reply2 me yet. So after I tok to Felicita, I sms the girl again. I ask her is she sleeping. Finally she replied. she said she went for dinner n on the way home. She apologized because she reply me late. I wonder go dinner kenot reply ah?? So hard meh?? Aih.. anyway I ask her balik baik2. Den around 10.40pm I woke up. My mood swings again from ok to OK. The other side of me is talking to me..

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ---- -- - - - - - -- -

So apa lagi?? duk moody?!

Orang dah ada crush kata someone. And someone pun ada crush kat dia. Awat hang duk terhegeh2 tak malu duk sms n cal dia. TAK MALU KA!!

Dia duk hapi break up dgn u n continue with her life. Dia p lepak wif her frens, mkn with her frens, tdo in her frens room etc. And you?!!

Duk kurung diri kat rumah entah apa! kawan keluar makan u tak ikut. Alwaz ponteng kelas! Alwaz moody. Alwaz nk tink of her. alwaz tgk da pics of u n her. alwz use the things yg dia bagi kat u. alwaz tgk Facebook dia. Alwaz terkenang time dulu-dulu. Alwaz tgk msg yg dia hntr kat hp u. Alwaz nk beli hadiah untuk dia. Alwaz listen to the songs that she likes!

Semua orang duk minta u lupakan dia and move forward. Awat hang duk x boleh lepas! Arghhh! U buat pe pun dia xkan balik. dia xkan tersentuh hati. U miss her?? Dia x miss u pun. U SAYANG dia lagi?? Dia xde perasaan at all kat u! u duk care n worried abt her? haha! U nak hadiahkan bulan dan bintang pun dia x rasa apa2. Hang nangis smpai buta pun dia tak SAYANG u dah! Dah takde. U MATI pun dia tak kisah. BETUL! U ingat u puasa kalau, dia akan mai balik?? hang boleh blaahhh la! jangan duk mimpi di siang hari!

Everytime u balik Penang sbb dia ada kan?? does it matters for her? dia tau ke u balik pasai dia?? No! dia tau pun apa guna? Dia x kisah pun. Dia balik penang bukannya nk jumpa muka sieh muka sekupang u! u balik kena marah dari mak. Lepastu kena marah dari dia x pasai2. U sms dia x reply. Dia on9 pun dia tak tok 2u! Blog u pun dia x singgah!


APA U NAK?!! APA U NAK!! tolonglah sedar diri sikit.

1) Kau tu bukan muslim
2) Kau tu tak hensem
3) Kau tu kecik
4) Kau tu x sepandai dia
5) Kau tu bkn dari keluarga yg loving
6) Kau tu dh x dicintai dia
7) Kau tu tak stylo
8) Kau tu tak tau main alat muzik
9) Kau tu from keluarga yg bukannya kaya
10) Kau tu buat degree kat local n dia nk p overseas


X berbaloi at all apa yg u duk buat selama ni. Blajak dari kawan2 u. pompuan duk berlambak kat uni. P cakap dgn dia org. Tgk kawans u dh ada new partner. Kalau all pompuans dah mati pun, ada lagi kucing. P la jadi boypren dia olang. Yg u ni yg poyo ni pasai pe. Dapat duit ka??! KANEH lu Janganlah naïf sangat. Kau tu dah 21 tahun.

Pasai satu pompuan, u rosakkan hidup u.
pasai satu pompuan, u hilang so many frens.
Pasai satu pompuan, studies u merosot.
Pasai satu pompuan, u asyk sakit.


Huh?? U 1 2 cry now? pi la pi la. p masuk lubang jamban n cry. Laki pondan mana ni! Eee!

just for LAUGH

mengarut mcm tukang karut.
merapu mcm ikan kerapu.
merepek mcm kerepek.
mancarut mcm cerut.

QUOTE of the day

Life is so lovable because it’s so unpredictable. Things happened when u least expect them. Life is only meaningful when it comes with loads of surprises.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

time to oink-oink

Im going to oink2 now. Tak tahan la. suddenly so sleepy. My eyes duk melekit like glue. 12.30am d.

Im too tired today. Brought back two big begs and a tripod from penang. Then clean my room. The dust makes my nose so itchy. And the weather is superb. Nice to sleep.

I haven’t bathe yet actually. Hehe. I scared I’ll fall asleep in the toilet. Nvmla. Postpone to tomorrow. i alwaz zzz in the toilet u noe? so syok u noe?? u duno r. i tel u now la. u can sit on the floor or stand, then u let the water flows on ur head la.. . =p

I wonder whether she sleeps already or not. She din sms me since this afternoon. I din sms her bcos im the one who always start the conversation. She has class at 8.30am tmr. I talked to her fren jz nw n she said they are going back to Penang again this Friday because Merdeka hols till next Monday. She din tel me..

I miss her.. I really do. More than 3months has passed. But my feeling is still strongly falls for her. everytime I go back to Penang is because she’s also going back to Penang. Then, i lied to my mum that I want to settle my stuffs. While I was cleaning my room, I listen to the songs from my lappie. Then, I started to get emo.


I wanted to say this long time ago. I noe im not a muslim, but I still puasa. If I were a muslim, I’ll definitely wish for something.

I’ll pray that we can get back together, be a better couple and last till my last breathe. Aku belum berhenti berharap.


berilah aku hadiah di aidilfitri ini..

Hmmm.. dahla. As if she knows, as if she’ll read all this. Sleep la. gona wake up early for sahur. =p aku puasa esok.

Good nite ppl. Thx for reading. C u. tata.

Monday, 24 August 2009

i don't wana leave

im going back to kampar later at 2pm

tak mau...

Saturday, 22 August 2009

sahur and tidur

It’s raining cats and dogs again right now in Penang. Lebat gila babi taik cirit berak parit cokodok basi. The 1st splash of rain was from around 3am and ended around 4.30am. Habisla the kampung at Jalan P.Ramlee. Sure flooded. Pity them. 1st Ramadan, they get disaster. This is really a test for them. I guess I’ll have a lot of good shots later on today.

Im so excited to puasa dis yr. I duno y. U know meh? I was eagerly crazily looking forward for thus day. I must be insane! Im not a Muslim but I want to puasa. Siao liao la. I had nestum n a roti for my sahur. My hse no heavy food early in the morning. My dad went out at 6am just now. Duno la where he’s going early in the morning. Funny la if he’s going to sahur. Wahahaahah.

I don’t plan to bersahur actually. Usually I’ll just sleep till sunrise. Then, I’ll ikat perut until I break fast or buka puasa. But I didn’t sleep the whole nite. I was editing some wedding pics. copy here copy thr. Delete here n delete thr. Sakit mata betoi.

By the way. Do u noe wat is sahur? U know? U know? How abt u? duno r? let me tel u. I oso don’t really know. Wahaha. Sahur, on my own understanding, is one of the step in fasting. Before someone fast, he or she must bersahur. Sahur is the starter la.

So what do u do for sahur?? U EAT la. wat else??? Some people wake up as early as 4am to sahur. I guess old people wake up even earlier than that. Y so early? Oo.. Most people wake up early to prepare their meal ma. For the bujangs or hardworking people, they will go out and eat lo. But most mamaks also closed la. Mamak pun mau puasa ma. Some people will cook before they sleep then they just heat it up lo. To make things easier, some will also tapau the night before and heat it up.

If im not mistaken la, Muslims must bersahur before the sun rise. After sahur, they will perform Subuh prayer. After prayer, some will sleep again. Some will u noe.. start their day with work, school or clean the house. Sahur cannot be done too late. I think la.. I think only la.. MUST sahur b4 6.30am. around that time la. correct me if im wrong.

One (1) for sure is. SAHUR IS COMPULSARY!

Then, throughout the whole day, they can eat or drink anything. KENOT! NO! NOTHING can enter their mouth. They have to ikat perut. must control their mouth. Kenot gatai2 eat this n that.

Puasa is good u noe. Make u closer to Allah for the Muslims. Good for health. Good for mental for controlling ur desiressssssss. Good for character building by thinking of the poor and elderly.

Anyway, im going to sleep now. My skinny bony backside is so painful after sitting on the chair facing my laptop for days! LENGUH betul! Sakit la.. Have to wake up at 9.30am to give the wedding pics to my customer. Then im going out with her at 11am. Huhuhuh. So happy giler.

Best to sleep when it rains. Good night folks. See u tmr. Byebye. =p

Friday, 21 August 2009

SONG of the day

She - Elvis Castello

happy mood today. because she's back to penang! hehe.


May be the face I can't forget
The trace of pleasure or regret
May be my treasure or the price I have to pay
May be the song that summer sings
May be the chill that autumn brings
May be a hundred different things
Within the measure of a day

May be the beauty or the beast
May be the famine or the feast
May turn each day into a heaven or a hell
She may be the mirror of my dreams
The smile reflected in a stream
She may not be what she may seem
Inside her shell

Who always seems so happy in a crowd
Whose eyes can be so private and so proud
No one's allowed to see them when they cry
May be the love that cannot hope to last
May come to me from shadows of the past
That I'll remember till the day I die

May be the reason I survive
The why and wherefore I'm alive
The one I'll care for through the rough in ready years
I'll take her laughter and her tears
And make them all my souvenirs
For where she goes I've got to be
The meaning of my life is

She, oh she

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Damina on TV3

yes yes!

Damina Manta Khaira on TV3. i just saw her in Buletin Utama.

woohooo! im so happy. my friend, a lawyer on tv. haha!

she's the daughter of Darshan Singh, the popular, prominent, soft spoken and respectable legal adviser of the Pertubuhan Penduduk-Penduduk Kampung Buah Pala.

she’s representing the residents of Kampung Buah Pala in their second application for leave to appeal to the Federal Court relating to their eviction order. The Federal Court is set to hear on Friday. The residents are seeking leave to appeal for the second time to raise the issue of whether they have the locus standi (legal standing) to institute legal proceedings against Koperasi Pegawai Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang Berhad and developer Nusmetro Venture (P) Sdn Bhd. They also want an extension of time to file the leave application as well as an order to stay the demolition of their houses in the cattle-raising village, dubbed the Penang High Chapparal, to make way for development projects.

For your information, Kampung Buah Pala will be demolished on our Independence Day, 31 August 2009.

im so so proud of her. she's one of the persons who inspired me a lot. she keeps me motivated. she advises me. she encourages me to always work hard. she makes me realised that life is not only about a girl. she sees talents in me.

im grateful to have her as my friend.

she is a nice girl. very nice girl to talk to, to seek advice and to learn new things. =p

thanks a lot Damina.

SONG of the day

Bila Aku Sudah Tiada - Hujan

Hi. Miss me blogging? Haha.
Listen to this song. I’m addicted to it since I came back to penang.
Let's sing it together. =p


Bila, aku sudah tiada
Simpan semua lagu ku
Jangan di tangis selalu

Mungkin, itu sementara
Bila jumpa pengganti ku
jangan di lupakan aku

Pagi itu indah seperti biasa
Tidur yang lena terhenti di sana
Layap kuyu masih tak terdaya
Bukalah tingkap mu
Curahkan cahaya…

Siapa yang sangka
Bila tiba masa kita
Untuk pergi selamanya

Takkan terduga
Jika saat ni
Tuhan tentukan
Aku lah orangnya

Bila, aku sudah tiada
Simpan semua lagu ku
Jangan di tangis selalu

Mungkin, itu sementara
Bila jumpa pengganti ku
jangan di lupakan aku

Gelak tawa tangisan yang hiba
Kenangan kita masa di dunia
Alangkah indahnya jika
Kita mampu hidup selamanya…

Siapa yang sangka
Bila tiba masa kita
Untuk pergi selamanya

Takkan terduga
Jika saat ni
Tuhan tentukan
Aku lah orangnya

Bila, aku sudah tiada
Simpan semua lagu ku
Jangan di tangis selalu

Mungkin, itu sementara
Bila jumpa pengganti ku
jangan di lupakan aku

Bila, aku sudah tiada
Simpan semua lagu ku
Jangan di tangis selalu

Mungkin, itu sementara
Bila jumpa pengganti ku
jangan di lupakan

Bila, aku sudah tiada
Simpan semua lagu ku
Jangan di tangis selalu

Mungkin, itu sementara
Bila jumpa pengganti ku
jangan di lupakan aku

Bila, aku sudah tiada…

Friday, 14 August 2009

finished assignments


chin eng has finished his part in the assignments.

feel so relieved n happy.

and im proud of my work. haha.

it looks so nice n PRO.

i tel u i laugh like some Tanjung Rambutan fella.

thanks to his frens for being so patience and so helpful.

some even did my part for me.

sorry i was late in submitting my part. u all noe why.. =p

anyway, me as well as my frens didn't sleep whole night.

everyone was rushing for assignments.

i'm not ok yet. still feel like puking so badly.

my face stil very pale and withered.

i shit jz now. GREEN color!!

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

going into critical phase

U might wonder how in the world I can still blog although I claimed that im super sick. Well.. I invite you here to look at my condition.


I’m lying on the chair while im typing this. Im strengthless. Betul-betul tak larat. I just wana record down every single thing that happened. My sickness has step into another phase-serious and complicated one.

It all started last night 11 August 2009. I was fine when I woke up at 5.30am yesterday. I finished the medicine (panadol) from Kampar hospital the night before, 10 August 2009. I was so happy because my fever has cool down. No more headache n cough except for flu. I felt so fresh n energetic. I even went out early morning to take pictures of sunrise.

In the afternoon I went to hospital asking for H1N1 screening or saringan H1N1. I wana do bloodtest also. I said im still having fever since last Saturday although I’ve taken medicine. But the damn doctors and nurses said too many people, no time to check me. I must wait very long. They also said they’ll also do the screening on those who got contact with H1N1 patients. Wat the! The H1N1 counter is empty, no medical personnels. Fine! So I didn’t test my blood or do H1N1 screening lo.

7pm plus I took a nap. Since then I couldn’t wake up. I tried my best to wake up but I just couldn’t. I could feel that my temperature rise dramatically. At the end I woke up at 11pm plus when Saravani sms me. My body felt so pain as if someone just punched me. I struggled to walk to the toilet to wash my face. Hell my face was so pale, greenish. I felt like puking so badly. I was hungry but I was too sick to go out n get food.

So I slept again until jz now 7.30am. my condition is till da same.

- Dizzy
- Headache
- High fever
- Severe backache
- Feel like puking
- Stomach ache
- Strengthless
- Cough
- Body aching
- Hard to breathe
- Chest pain

I can’t turn my neck neither. I can’t walk properly. I walk hump-backed like apek tua.

So I went to the temple early in the morning. I prayed. I prayed realli hard. I was alone in the temple. No one was there. i was really worried that I got H1N1. I dun wana die yet. I haven’t achieve what I want to achieve. There r too many tings I wanted to do.

Saravani came around 9.45am. she gave me panadol n antibiotics. So nice of her. then she went to sch. We have class at 10am actually. I was getting ready to go. I sms my fren to fetch me bt she didn’t reply. I tak larat la nak cycle.

I’m suffering. I feel so miserable. I’m so ‘khang khor’ la. Something scary happened. I make this strange sound ‘hooo huuuuuu hooooo huuuu hoooo’. U noe.. like how ghost sounds. Then my mind went wild. I imagined the guardians of hell came. They stood in front of me. wat the. I got freak out. I quickly think of something else. In chinese belief, if someone is very ill and he saw these images, means his time is gona end.

10.45am I received her call. Seriously, I was so happy and overjoyed to listen to her voice. At least, ubat sikit sakit i. she asked me to go to hospital. I know I have H1n1 symptoms but GH ppl don’t wana do anyting on me. she beg me to go n c doctor. I said ok. She still cares for me. =p

I just took medicine. If by afternoon, im not getting any better, I’ll ask my uni Department of Students Affair to send me to the hosp. if they declined, I’ll make sure UTAR’s image #$%^&*.

I don’t have much time. I skipped a lot of classes already. And this Friday is the due date for my two assignments.

God, aku nak sembuh. Tq.

Monday, 10 August 2009

breaking news! H1N1 in UTAR... finally

news hot hot from the oven!

my housemate just, JUST told me that few students from my campus, KAMPAR, have been quarantined.

the shocking part is...

JENG jeng JENG!!!

1 UTAR student is DEAD. MATI. SII.

im not sure it's true or not la.. u check n see la ya..

i tried to login to UTAR email bt the system is down. hmmm.. y at this time? smtg is wrong.

anyway i found this blog. bachala..

ppl, wear mask. drink more water. alwaz wash ur hand.

till then, goodnite.

i oso talak ok yet.


sudah jatuh ditimpa bumbung

she just called me

=p im so happy. i got the medicine.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

finally i have to go to the hospital

frens, if u all read my blog, u noe im not ok. jz wana give u all some updates. im going to the hospital now. my condition is getting worse.

hp no credit. wana cal my parents oso kenot. aih..

my flu is getting worst

Im still awake. I couldn’t sleep. I tried to sleep since 3am after I took flu medicine. The medicine is not helping at all. I was struggling hard to make myself sleep bt I failed. I was so cold. My flu keeps dripping. I keep hakchiu. My head feels so heavy. I wear sweater. I blanket myself from head to toe so that I’ll sweat, so that I wont feel that hit but I still feel damn cold.

This is the worst flu I ever had in UTAR. Usually I’ll recover after I sleep but not this time. I’ve used my effective method-take med, blanket head to toe, clos all the windows, switch off the fan, make myself sweat-this time, it’s not working.

Seriously I feel like fainted. My eyes hardly open but I cannot sleep. My jaw is painful. I don’t understand at all why I cannot sleep.


I prayed juz now when I was trying to sleep. It didn’t work. Aih..

I didn’t see doctor because I took medicine already. Furthermore, I’m not the kind of person who sikit-sikit see doctor. If it’s normal sickness, I’ll just rest at home. This time, my heavy flu is quite heavy. My running nose is quite serious. I tak larat to move around.

I feel bad for my roommate, Siang Yong. He has recovered. He’s not having good night sleep because of me.

Time-time susah like this, I think of her. I feel like calling her, tel her what happened. But I don’t even exist in her mind anymore. it has been almost a week since we talk or sms. I sms her bt she nvr replied. I’ve been her bf, her fren, her enemy n noe I don’t exist. I always said to her:

“if 1 day i die pun, u also wont know.”

I also think of my family, my mum. If she knows, she’ll definitely ask me to go see doctor. If I were in Penang, she’ll take medicine for me.

Have u ever feel lonely when you are sick? Have you ever think of your loved ones when you are sick? Have you ever felt worried that u might lost them?

Ok.. now im feeling so hungry. I didn’t take dinner last night. I guess I’ll strive hard to ride my bike to have hot noodle soup.


let me tell you 1 story.
u sit back n listen to me.


y is he always fall sick sooooooooo easily?? got problem la that little kid. low antibody. health got problem. so damn WEAK. gona DIE anytime.

he slept in the evening n woke up at 11.30pm. planned to have dinner but suddenly.. suddenly..

just in few minutes, he got flu! heavy flu. his nose was running like river. can nose run like river?? i duno... but running nose la.

he keeps 'hak chiu'. he feels so cold. he is shivering.

his tears kip dropping. his eyes are watery.

arrghhh! troublesome! the virus is spreading. before this, 2days ago his roomate was sick-flu, high fever, n sorethroat. now he's recovering but Mr. Oh's turn to be ill.

for your information, out of so many many illness n sickness, FLU is the one that he hates the most! benci!

so now he cant even goes out for dinner. he's taking milo n biscuits then MEDICINE.

he'll jump to his bed. he can't barely open his eyes.

he bids goodbye to everyone. till then, good nite n see you. sayonara. bye bye.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

meletup habis!

aku benci org yg talam 2muka. hipokrit. taik cirit berak parit. tlg jgn duk buat sieh. depan org buat mcm angel, mulia sgt nk buat smua bnda tapi lps tu apa bnda pun x buat! ckap x serupa bikin. ludah ats langit kna juga kat mulut busuk sndiri. cermin muka sekupang hang dulu sblm nk kritik. kalau bagui sgt, buat smua asgmnt sndiri, jgn nk blame org lain! nanti aku sepak skali jgn nk nangis! meluat je aku tgk nama u, muka u, sms u, suara u! BOLEH BLAHHHHH! KURENG ASAM!

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

1st time i argued n shouted at ppl in UTAR

for the 1st time in UTAR, i argued wif ppl.

reali kenot tahan d dis time. i shouted at her. i scolded her. i just MELETUP!!

arrghh! %^&*()*&^#$%^&


Sorry but I couldn’t take it anymore! damn! Again someone in this hse steal my water. THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME! Fuck la! I’ve been very patience all this while but tonite I realli meletup! I went to the sink. Guess wat I saw? My thermos is widely open. The cap is on the sink. Im so fucking geram.

Again someone took my thermos wic contains hot water, open it n let it cool down. Damn! Fuck la! the thermos is to keep HOT WATER! AIR PANAS!

ALL the guys staying on the same floor as me, DON’T BOIL WATER n KEEP IT COOL for DRINKING! They DON’T have drinking water. So what they do when they 1 2 drink water?? Dey take my thermos la! FUCK LA! I’m always the one who boil water, cool it down n pour it into big bottles for them. Oni once in the blue moon dey boil it n let it cools down.

Don’t dey understand thermos is to keep hot water. U noe u use it wen u wana hav coffee or milo. If u want cold water, boil, let it cold n pour it into the big 1.5L bottles la. BOTTLES everywhere in this hse n they NEVER USE!! Want drinking water, boil it YOURSELF la!

Let me make it clean and clear. I don’t mind u ppl 1 2 use my hot water. Use. But after that BOIL n fill it FULL again. And PLEASE close the tab after use it. And PUT it BACK to the place whr u took it! And use it as HOT WATER.

I just scold my roommate. He’s not really the one who always did that. But I really kenot tahan. I need to let it out! Sorry SIANG YONG! This is the first time I fuck fuck fuck in front of someone. Grrrhh!

I jz boiled water again. n dis time I keep my thermos in my room. I’ll nvr put it in the public area again.

Good night. =p

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

QUOTE of the day

Treat others as you would like to be treated.

- The Golden Rule

Monday, 3 August 2009

TOO much sleep makes you cannot sleep

Yo yo yo . wassup wasup. good morning. Hehee…

Come on! Wake up wake up! 7 o’clock d! wake up! BANGUN!

It’s MONDAY. A new day. It’s the beginning of the week. Woohooo!

Hehehe… so syok to kacau ppl. I didn’t sleep whole night..again. I slept the whole yesterday. Arghh! Wasted my time. I was sooo tired n exhausted because of the demonstration. I woke up around 1am and I stay up till now. I tido too much till I kenot sleep.

I Don’t think I can sleep today.

1st- im not sleepy. Weee.. =p
2nd- berlambak assignments waiting for me.
3rd- I wana follow the Kampung Buah Pala demolition story.

In just few hours, Nusmetro is going to demolished Kampung Buah Pala. I’m so sad I couldn’t be there, lending my support to the villagers. I didn’t go back to PG because I have too many asgmnts to pass up this week and I’m having $ prob la.. I pray that the developer can postponed the demolition and negotiate with the villagers.

Ok I wish everyone will has a great day ahead. DON’T FORGET TO START YOUR DAY WITH LITTLE PRAYER.

Yang jalan kaki tu tgk kiri kanan.
Yang bawa motor tu jgn rempit.
Yang kerja tu jgn curi tulang.
Yang blajar tu jgn tido dlm class.
Yang sakit tu jgn sakitkan org lain.

QUOTE of the day

Bukan semua benda ada jawapannya. Kalau ada jawapan pun x semestinya betul. Ada kalanya kebisuan itulah jawapannya. Jawapan yg benar selalunya bukan terletak pada bait-bait kata tetapi suara kecil yg terbit dari dlm hati.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

ISA-let's make history

it's time.

i've put away my fear n my nervousness.

have been thinking of it whole nite to go or not to go.

i've decided.

i'll join my brothers n sisters from all walks of life regardless of their political ideology, religion, race and occupation

here we come

to create another history in out beloved country.

God bless us that this assembly will be a peaceful one.

sadhu. sadhu. sadhu.

*to: you. erm.. i nk p dah. i'll be very happy if u read my blog. i duno wat to say.. jz wana wish u to be safe of H1N1. bye..