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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

looking for chin eng

chin eng is missing

chin eng is trying hard to look for himself as he has lose himself

chin eng don't have the answer for 'what is your problem?'

chin eng has changed

chin eng is not asking for sympathy

chin eng made a lot of mistakes this semester since june

chin eng has offended his good friends

chin eng feels really sorry and bad

chin eng couldnt help it coz he's really depressed and demotivated

chin eng feels sad, moody, lonely, heartbroken

chin eng is physically hurt too

chin eng almost give up

chin eng wants to put behind the past and move forward

chin eng needs time and support to bounce back

chin eng knows he doesnt't has much time because he has wasted a lot of time and chances

chin eng hopes his friends can still accept him while he's struggling to get back on his feets