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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Happy 1.1.11

So today is the first day of November.

It's a unique day i would say because the number is 1.11.11

Nice right.

Some say today is a new beginning.

Everything starts from 1, not zero.

And i hope for the same too.

Everything will be just fine.

Something serious is bothering me since few days ago.

I am so disturbed by it.

I was away from MSN, FB..

I didn't go anywhere today. Just stay in the room..

It's ok.. Tomorrow will be another good day.

I wana wish Edmund happy birthday too. Friends forever bro.

Happy 10th anniversary too dear. Love you.

Happy 1111 again.


Date: 13/10/2010

Time: 6.38pm

Venue: Kampung Dodol, Jalan Perak, Penang

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We always waste time doing something that we are not supposed to do, something that are not necessary, something that don't bring any benefits to us. 

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