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Monday, 17 January 2011

mau fight la!


apa tengok-tengok?!!

wa manyak hot now lo.

i duno why lo.

hormone imbalance is it??

im so in the mood for a physical fight right now seriously!

i feel like beating up someone or at least push someone down to the ground.

what, never see me so aggresive ah?

i can be very ganas one ok! kenapa, tak percaya ah?

eh, i'm a man too ok, there are times when man naik gila and act gila.

Right now, i really feel so hyped up and spiritedso hyped up, spirited for a boxing!

yeah! come on babe! come come till teh last man standing.

get me some small sized fella pls!

HOT ah!

n i tell u what i did to someone just now.

i already not in the mood tonight and he pissed me off.

there's this Malay boy, around 13-15yr old la.

He took his bicycle then he make the other bicycle to drop.

so fine, i quickly went over wana help him but before i reach him, he just left the scene, act as if nothing happen and let the dropped bicycle there.

out of sudden, i 'OIKKK' at him!

i was so loud and so fierce!

macam lion ok!

i stared at him.

he got a shock definitely la.

he made a U-Turn to put the bicycle in place again.

then i say it's ok it's ok and i put back the bicycle to its place.

and he kept on saying sori.

hahah! den i just laughed n laughed!

i didn't mean to scold him actually. and in fact that was not my bicycle. im just pissed off how can he just walk away like that.

but i really look like i wana give him a punch. haha. u shud look at his face.

ahhhh satisfied!

but rigth now i still feel wana punch something!!

anyone??? =p

YOU are quoted

"Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the achievement, full effort is full triumph... "

~ Saravani Selvem
~ my classmate la
~ 17/1/2011
~ via FB

QUOTE of the day

Dare to say NO when you have to say no.

shaving time

all this while, everyone (i mean my close friends) always try to pluck my beard!


they love to do so lo.

and most of them are girls. why huh? oh jealous hor cuz they don't have beard like me?


Amirah always want to cabut my bulu.

they say it's not nice to keep beard.

i look old wor..

is it?

look old ma good la.

i think the reason i don't look good with beard and moustache is because i look messy in it and my beard is not thick.


i forgot to shave before the Orientation for the new students intake few days ago. Duno they notice my beard anot. ish ish ish.

nvm. i shave clean clean from atas ke bawah later lo.

tomorrow is first day of Year 3 Semester 1 already. You must always look good on the first day ok.

Vivien asked us again, "What to wear tomorrow huh?"

Normal question la..

anyway If ur beard and moustache long d must shave 1 meh??