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Sunday, 21 February 2010

QUOTE of the day

"Don't back down no matter what."

~ Horatio
~ CSI: Miami
~ Channel 701, AXN, 10pm-11pm, 21/2/2010

leaving tomorrow

tonight will be my last night here in Penang before i say bye bye again to this island. im leaving tomorrow morning at 9am.

suddenly i have a mixed feelings. it's all mixed up together. i can't wait to be back because a lot of assignments, presentations n test are waiting for me. but then im missing my family here.

i didn't write much recently. i did actually, but it's all scattered everywhere. i duno how to say, the structure is so cacat. im still the guy that has so much to say. =p

this year's Chinese New Year is great. im not talking about the Ang Pows that i get but the things that happened in this one week. As i said few months ago, 2010 is gona be great although the horoscope didn't say so. I'll work hard in everything i do, stay positive n be active. YES I WILL!! i need to keep doing something, anything so that my umpph for 2010 will always be there n keeps me motivated. a lot of things that i wana achieve this year. TOOOOO MUCH!

February is gona ends soon. not much time left cz i have so many things to do and so little time. i can't waste a single minute doing nothing. i realised i spent more then 50% of my time writing diary which is totally useless! grrrhhh! i'll try not to write diary anymore.

alrite got to go. my mum is now in my grandma's house preparing prayer for 'Pai Thnee Kong', a prayer for Jade Emporer la. SHe askes me to pack my stuffs now before i go to my grandma's house. Im gona send pics for a photography competition, pack then leave my house.

c u ppl. Happy CNY. tata.