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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

good Tuesday (UPDATED)

Tuesday is gona ends soon. a quick round-up before Wednesday comes.

as you can see at the title of this post, Today, Tuesday is a good day. hehe. a very good day indeed. i love today. muax muax muax. so what happened today?

1. i woke up early in the morning n i went for breakfast. i ordered Kopi O', Roti Bakar n 2 half boiled eggs. i wait for 20mins for my toast n eggs. fine. i pecahkan the first egg. OMG! holy SHIT! it's raw!! i asked for half-boiled egg la! grrrhhh. i feel like puking seriously. the smell is aweful! so i asked the anne to go n boil again my second egg. then i pecahkan the egg again. damn! it's not so boiled. i kept asking them to boil it long long, i want it to be half-cooked. i geli tengok kuning-kuning and water-water. eee... at the end, i put

Lesson: Never order half boiled egg from Ghany. Home made food is always better.

2. i S*REW the guard of my uni. cilaka babi la the guard! grrrhhh! i hate the guards of UTAR-most of them. caukia betul. i went to uni this morning at 10am with my at bike. i dun have Motor Sticker. yeala, cz i only have 2 days of class. And sometimes i cycle to school. So i don't see there's a need for me to pay for the motor sticker. Plus, the guards always curi tulang and never really jaga.

so there were 4 guards at the entrance. they didn't stop me, but i stopped. as usual, the most F*cking young kurang ajar kurang asam small Indian guard was there. n u guess what he said. 'GET OUT! GET OUT!' WTF man! cannot talk properly ah. for the first time in UTAR, i argued with a guard. usually i'll just walk away then scold them in my heart, but this time i let it out. i gave him a deep stare. a cunning one. a killing stare. i just stared at him and i said 'TAK BOLEH CAKAP BAIK-BAIK KA?!' He was stunned and speechless. then i repeat what again. the other 3 guards just kept quiet.

the guard said i dun have sticker so cannot go in. i said 'SEKARANG DAH BULAN 12 KAN NAK APPLY MACAM MANA?? U PUN MAU KERJA, I PUN MAU P STUDY.' He said cannot again. he's so damn kurang ajar! talk to me nicely la. I feel like give him a punch. im gona make a complain. anyway everyone was quiet. suddenly so tensed. so i made a U turn. before i left, i stared at the Indian guard again n i said 'U INGAT U BAGUI SANGAT AH?!' which means u tot u r so great ah. wahahah! puas!

3. I went for a sharing by an outstanding student from UTAR Setapak campus organised by Counselling Department. The session is about how to be success la etc. The happy part is i SPEAK. i said la i got inspired by the speaker and im moving towards achieving my dreams in photography.

First, i wana have my own photography exhibition by the age of 21.

Second, i wana be a National Geography's photographer.


4. Before i left, the counsellor called me. She said the photo i took of her is SO nice. i was like... !!!!!!! wohohohoh! REALLY?!!! yeah!! her family members love it so much. i took her picture last semester because some reporter needs her picture for an article about her. so the reporter used the photo and published it in the newspaper lo. She was so happy n i was so paiseh. haha.

5. my faculty, Faculty of Arts and Social Science was having a luncheon for all the lecturers n staffs from FAS. so after they left, me n Poovan went inside la to look for my lecturer. so MUCH food left. wasted. so you know la im a good citizen, i ate some lo. some only la. a liitle but only since i had my lunch already. i took some watermelons, a nugget n an egg tart only. i LOVE free food.

6. there was a booth in my cafeteria promoting UTAR MODEL SEARCH 2010. so i asked the girls there la when is it. they thought i wana take part. CRAZY! if i take part, everyone sure PENGSAN. i wana take photos only la. they were so happy.. they asked for my contact numbers and put me in their helper list. hohoho. im somehow part of the committee now and i'll be their OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER. =p i'll cover the events for them free la.

7. I've decided to give 3 months of FREE photography service to ANYONE for any events from January - March 2010. =p

8. right now, im doing Moral assignment with Tiffany, Pang Chong and Poovan in my room. oh.. i like this moment when all of us can sit together, discus, chit chat like how we used to be in Semester 1. 5 in a group actually but another groupmate, Hong from AV left early because he has something else to do. We r not planning to sleep tonight. =p Tiff even brought her skinny bolster here.

photo news

19/9/2009 12.56am Air Itam, Penang.
Heavy rain in Penang has caused flash flood in many parts of the island. Vehicles were stuck at the massive jamn for at least 3 hours. Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration was affected.

3 + 1 = friends forever

from L to R: The Sampat Vivien, The Ganas Tiffany, The Cool Racheal, and The Cute Chin Eng.

hahaha. i found this picture when i was about to sleep. we took this picture in the midnight of 13/11/2009 after i got ambushed by 3 of them. everyone looks so nice. oh i like this picture cuz i look good. hohoho. i love you 3 cracko! 3 of u made my life so colourful in Kampar.

gnite ppl. xoxo.