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Sunday, 21 March 2010

TARA 4 audition video: behind the scene

Have you ever wonder who's the person behind the video camera?

This is the production team of the video for TARA 4 Audition.

From left to right:

Oh Chin Eng: the Macho Man, Felicita Fedelis: the Bossy Lady, Rohene: the talented Director

yeah ROCKZZZ!!

right QUOTE at the right TIME

"Lu selalu no time lar."

~ Dexter Khaw Kuo Wen
~ 10.03pm 21/3/2010
~ via MSN

Haha. u r so right Dexter.

 u noe me so well.

i guess i work too hard in life.

i want to try almost everything in life.

i want this and i wnat that.

im not looking for wealth or status or fame.

im just looking for satisfaction.

to make my life more meaningful.

to make worth of every second i have in life.

to touch more people's heart.

to do something good to others.

to make people happy.

to make my family proud.

this is me, Oh Chin Eng.

 i think i need to slow down..

im tired..

but i still want more.

there's still more that i haven't achieved.

and im not gona stop here.

that's not gona happen.

unless my heart stops beating.

back to work


maximum satisfaction despite a hectic day.

i just reached home.

stil wearing my socks.

but im now in front of my laptoop.

now i can feel the responsibility that i have in me.

and i can also feel what my life gona be in the future.

my seniors are asking for photos for the news articles.

im sending it to them now.

2 news actually.

is my career gona be something like this?

haha.. we'll see.

TARA 4 Audition

miracles happened.

im goin for The Amazing Race Asia Season 4 audition now.

Thank God,we managed to shoot the video, complete the application form n now 2da audition!

we are gona rockz kao-kao FELI.

all the best!! =p

it is RED

it is red.

bloody red.

im sure it is red.

how could it be red?

it supposed to be either white or yellow.

but it turned out to be red.

i was ok last night.

everything was normal...

but now..


i was so shocked to look at the red color water in the toilet.

i thought something is wrong with my eyes.

but no.. it is red.

what shoud i do now?

i never felt this way before.

i never encountered this situation before.

yea im a bit freak out.

i feel like as if my blood is coming out from my body.

i drank a lot of water already.

but it is still red.

aarrgggh shit!!

should i tell my mum?

i didn't tell anyone.

nah, it's ok.

i don't want them to be worried.

i'll be ok..

if worse come to worse, i'll go to see doctor lo..

or maybe i should see doctor.


God, please give me good health for me to finish this semester.

horoscope says that Dragon will get bad luck in Tiger year.

but i believe that 2010 is gona be a great year.

baby don't cry