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Friday, 31 July 2009

regret is not gona change anything

omg! it's already 6am n im still awake!

WOW! what a record again!

i have class at 8am! ohhh.. i don't tink i shud sleep now. if i do, bye bye la all my classes for today. haha! im sure i'll zzz later in the afternoon. I don’t feel like sleeping also. My sleeping time dah tertonggeng terbalik apom balik. I sleep in the afternoon and then active at nite.

anyway, i was preparing for my presentation actually. have to present later at 12.30pm for Introduction for Political Science. the title is hegemony. entah apa-apa la. the scope is so wide.

i started around 3am. than i pangsai la, i bathed, i washed n hang my clothes.

argh.. i couldnt concentrate. i've been not sleeping for MANY days. crazy i noe. bad for health i noe. but hmmm.. wat to do la anne. wa dulu-dulu lazy, ada prob sikit. now wa mau catch up la. next wik mau hand in manyak assignments lu tau ka. kena korban sikit la.. korban talak boleh mati ma..

so wat i did?? i viewed our pics. a lot man. its all over evrywhere. it reminds me of our journey all these years. i've known her for almost 3 years now. everything has changed. i miss her.. thank god i took a lot of pics last time. i can browse it again and again. i felt like calling her but arghh! i din.. i dun wana argue in da middle of the nite. while i browsing through thousands of pics, i came across a series of pics. it caught my attention.

pictures of Opera Pasar. Its a street theatre held in Penang last December where i was the lead actor. To my shock and dissappointment, i didn't take any pic of me n her throughout the 3 shows. wat the %$^&*()(*!

im so sad. regret. totally REGRET! i dun u'stand y i din take any pics wif her on such an important date and event. im the limelight of the show. i was in this apek 70s costume wearing pagoda shirt n short. reporters interviewed me. family n frens came to support. she was thr helping. she was thr giving me support, giving me advise. but.. not even one pic we had. i feel so bad for myself n her.

aih.. then i just scan thru my laptop. my documents, write ups all over the place. its so messy. again, i found something interesting. i found the letters that i wrote to her. haha! i read it. sound so sweet. =p the letters r so long. Gila babi pnjang. i pity her she had to read all that. i used to rite to her. y?? see.. now i can read back n syok sendiri.


ok! stop toking abt the past for tonite. after all those flashbacks, i just on9. i read blogs. i listen to radio.

suddenly hior.. tba2.. hmm.. something bite me! guess what is it.

its a KACUAK!


its a LIPAS!!

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew! it fell from the ceiling n it bite my neck. wat the! eee...

she came..

omg! what the hell is going on??

suddenly i think of her. its so sudden n random!

it's not the right time. im preparing my presentation for tmr. =(

im not strong.. im not.. i can easily be touched by just listening to slow, sad, or love songs.

im listening to 988.. my fav chinese radio station.

God is so wow. He gives us an ability called feeling. feeling changes so fast in just a blink of an eye.

how nice if she is here right now.. u noe..

waaaa... bes juga berangan syok sendiri. =p

ok! stop!