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Saturday, 20 March 2010

thank you

thank you..

1) Saravani - thx for letting me your notes for the CRM midterm this morning.

2) Amirah - thx for your CRM text book, your helmet. without your helmet, i won't be able to sent Tiffany and Tze Huey to bus stop.

3) Kwan Yee - thx for puji-ing me because i was punctual, for letting me to park my bike in your house, for recognizing the photos i taken, n for letting me be the temporary tour guide aka KICAP.

4) C.Wei - thx for fetching me n my friend to Kampar bus stop.

5) Siang Yong - thx for dealing with the wireman that fix the lights in our room.

6) Rohene - thx for being so ego and professional in shooting video, your patience, n ur time in helping me n Feli in realizing our TARA 4 dream.

7) Feli - thanks for everything. too much for me to list down each and everyone here. i hate you because u r always there no matter what. im really touched that u tried so hard for TARA 4. tq. i never blame you u know?? thx for the video shoot. im really touched. im speechles. i duno what else to say. i enjoy the process of us competing for TARA 4.
8) Feli's friends - thx for helping Feli regarding TARA 4. we r not gona make it without u ppl.

9) Brother - thx to my brother for fetching me from the Jetty. yea he becomes so popular. friends taht same bus with me from Kampar say that he's more handsome, bigger and fatter. la la la.

10) UTAR Buddhist Club members that took the same bus with me to Penang - thx for the laughters in the bus, the friendship that we just built, the joy in Penang.

11) babies and old people that i met today - txh a lot to u guys too because ur smile just made my day brighter.

because of you people, life has become more wonderful.

ini rumah saya

ini rumah saya.

rumah saya best.

kenapa saya tak suka rumah saya?

saya suka rumah saya.

im from penang..

hehe! i've reached home..finally!

seriously it feels so nice to be home. i miss Penang.

anyway this is the first time i balik Penang with so many people that i know from UTAR. i mean with so many friends from Kampar back to Penang.

11 of us in total!

thanks a lot to them. their laughters really swept away the dark clouds in my heart.

plus, i did quite well in my midterm this morning..i think.

hehe. so im syiok today.

we were so noisy n kecoh in the bus.

especially when there are 2DSLRs and cute babies in the bus.

belly so syiok.

my senior and people from Buddhist Club came here to watch the musical drama.

i brought them around jalan-jalan then i cabut. i got some other things to do. but i'll meet them up again tonight. =p

woah! tired exhausted. i think i should go to 'I'. im a traveller la!! wait wait let me think think again.

alrite got to go.

there's another chance for my team for TARA. something good just happened.

so we'll still shoot the video today.


saya suka rumah saya.

i love my home.

3rd midterm of the sem

less than i hour from now will be the 3rd midterm of this semester.

the subject is Communicative Research Method.

i just 'released' again in the toilet n it feels much better now.

can do exam better. =p

i wish everyone all the best ya.

yang balik kampung tu naik bas baik-baik, yang bawa kereta tu jangan sms sambil memandu, yang jalan kaki tu mata buka besar-besar.

Journey to TARA 4 Ends Here

My journey to compete in The Amazing Race Asia Season 4 ends here tonight.

i just received a very bad news from my teamate. And that makes my group can't even go for the audition.

i booked the ticket back to Penang already tomorrow at 11am.

im going back again to Penang this week to shoot video for TARA 4 and to attend the audition this Sunday.

but now for sure it's not gona happen.

So should i still go back tomorrow?

I think i will because i haven't visit my mum after she got into accident last week. And i think i need a break in the place where i belong. I want to meet up with my Penang friends. i want to watch a musical theatre with my sister.

This week is super sucky n yucky!


tell me WHY!!

at first it's about my plan to 'I' on 31st March. And now its TARA 4.


and all of the plans, the two plans got to do with international level!!

I have been looking forward for it since last year!

it's more than missing a chance.

What should i feel?

seriously i duno.

im confused.

i just feel like crying. i wana cry out loud. i wana cry non-stop la!! i wana floodkan the whole Kampar.

i just wana cry because its so hurtful la!! im not angry ok..

i neeed a hug. anyone? i don't want a shoulder or a lap.

it's ok la because u guys just won't understand how i feel. u guys are not Oh Chin Eng anyway.
it's so disappointing!

after all the plans, determinations, semangat and will, we can't even join.

i am not ok.. i got to go again.

just few minutes ago i was like quite ok, going to study for my midterm tomorrow at 9am but suddenly i received this heart-breaking news.

this is CRAZY man!! i know i must put this aside n study for my midterm tomorrow.

im not strong in handling emotional problems.

i want to go.. far far! out of Malaysia.

i need time to be away from everyone that i know..