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Saturday, 20 March 2010

ini rumah saya

ini rumah saya.

rumah saya best.

kenapa saya tak suka rumah saya?

saya suka rumah saya.

im from penang..

hehe! i've reached home..finally!

seriously it feels so nice to be home. i miss Penang.

anyway this is the first time i balik Penang with so many people that i know from UTAR. i mean with so many friends from Kampar back to Penang.

11 of us in total!

thanks a lot to them. their laughters really swept away the dark clouds in my heart.

plus, i did quite well in my midterm this morning..i think.

hehe. so im syiok today.

we were so noisy n kecoh in the bus.

especially when there are 2DSLRs and cute babies in the bus.

belly so syiok.

my senior and people from Buddhist Club came here to watch the musical drama.

i brought them around jalan-jalan then i cabut. i got some other things to do. but i'll meet them up again tonight. =p

woah! tired exhausted. i think i should go to 'I'. im a traveller la!! wait wait let me think think again.

alrite got to go.

there's another chance for my team for TARA. something good just happened.

so we'll still shoot the video today.


saya suka rumah saya.

i love my home.

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