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Saturday, 27 March 2010

another happening night (and day)

wahaahahaa wakakakaa lalalal alululululu!

last night was great.

this night, i mean tonigh is GREaT too!!


today is the Earth Hour celebration! and proudly to say i didn't switch off my lightss!! woohooo! yesh! yesh!! this is the first time i didn't take part since 2008. i didn't even bother to switch off my lights la. im so against this movement this year! grrrhh. why?? nanti akau kasi tau.

hahaha.. i didn't even stay at home. i went out.

Thanks to my classmate, Rachel Soh. She sms me telling me that there's a procession going on at Old Town. I rushed like tornado with my kapcai to Old Town. Thx Rachael! next time paste my phone number everywhere in Kampar la ye. so next time people can call me if there's accident ke, people jatuh longkang ke or u dun have money to pay ke. =p

It was the Tai Soong Loo Kwan's procession. His birthday is on the 16th of February according to Chinese lunar calender. wow. luckily i didn't go back to Penang or Kuala Kangsar or KL this weekend. If not, i'll be missing the unique procession. It's my first time to see such procession in Kampar ma. nvm la my photos will tell the story..only if you can understand.

n now when i came into my house, the gate was closed. wow. and the parking area is so clean! damn it! i entered my house and oh gosh! it is F*rking clean! sorry for the vulgar word. im just exaggerating. anyway WOW!! my landlord aka house owner aka Miss Candy just cleaned the whole house with her husband!

walaueh. seriously i feel bad la. everyone in this house never clean the house. Everyone thought it's so great to be a mahasiswa mahasiswa undergraduates and don't have to clean the house. everyone is asking for a cleaner. aih.. MALU la! hmmm maybe they never help their parents to clean the house kua.

i just feel it's our duty to clean it since we are part of this house. We should be independent ma. dah besar.. buat la kerja sikit. tunjuk teladan. jangan tau makan je. iim the one who always clean the third floor.

thanks to to house owner. she's really nice la. anything rosak she'll repair although not immediately. hhaahah. and she just made my floor and teh ground floor brighter. so damn bright!! she repaired the lights. now you guys can come to third floor for discussion. =p

on the other hand, i have discussion at 9.30pm but im here at home. WOHOOOO!! Chin ENg you crazy! Edmund, Cynthia and Tze Huey are gona kick ur arse! hahaha. okok i'll go now k. i bought a lot of food just now. im gona bribe them. =p

oh ya! congrats to the EL students. you guys rawk to the max la. i went to see their presentation this morning. they did a splendid Moral campaign on humanitarian issue, social issues and isu-isu yang sama waktu dengannya la. kamsiah for the great show!! Kamsiah to Sooi Pheng, Sharmilla, Hui Xin n Cherry for inviting. Thanks a lot for giving me teh chance to be part of it. wow! im proud of u guys la!! we should do stuffs like that again! and WHEN are you guys going to makan dinner with me huh!

muax muax muax.

*shhhh... i tell u guys 1 top secret! EL girls are good in dancing! HOT PANAS! fuh.. and their be-ro-ken BM is SUPER farneee!

Earth Hour 2010

In about 30minutes from now, some people will witch off their lights.

Are you going to do so?

Im not sure whether im going to do so.

But i'll switch of my my lights if im not using it.

Im sure the students here hard to off their laptops cuz everyone is so BUSY!


no earth hour this year.


YOU are quoted

"Wah akhirnya u cari budak Cina juga eh. I ingatkan you akan potong. Takpela you punya tak boleh dipotong."

~ Amirah
~ 26/3/2010


my funny Ammi

I call my mum Ammi.

What about you?

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