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Thursday, 30 June 2011

OCE with A. Samad Said

Finally… finally after so many years, I managed to get a photo with him. I sat next to him. He has been on my mind ever since in primary school. I met him few times but I never dare to approach him for a photo.

Finally I did. Thanks to NTV7, I got the chance to go for assignment and I got the chance to see him in person again.

I am so happy to have a picture with him Datuk A. Samad Said, the Sasterawan Negara that inspired me a lot from my school days even until today. I got so fascinated and so good in Bahasa Malaysia debate, public speaking and poetry partly because of him. I wanted to be a Sasterawan Negara so badly at one time when i was in Form 2. N I vowed to have a longer beard than him. =p

Today he was intidimated by the police for the Bersih 2.0 demonstration. He has nothing to do with the organizing team but he got ill-treated for reading a poem in the Bersih 2.0 launching.

God will protect good people like Pak Samad. He’s getting older. A lot of wrinkles and white hair. But hey his spirit is still as hard as a rock ok.

If anything bad were to happened to him, I will make sure I fight for him who inspired me all this way, in everyway I can.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

YOU are quoted

"Don't harm people but never let anyone harm you."

~ Carissa Soon
~ 9.23pm 29/6/2011
~ via MSN

KATA-KATA hikmat

Bertahan mengata kerana diri ini tidak sebaik mana.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Democratising the rakyat

Filepic from Himpunan Mansuhkan ISA on 1/8/2009

You stand firm on the principal of democracy. You go against bad government. You speak up and articulate your thoughts. You create social awareness. You create fear to the people holding power. You got arrested. You are not given fair trial. Your voice is being suppressed.

Your image is ruined. Your family and friends are worried. You lost your job. You lost your dignity. You lost your rights.

You become the victim of democratization process for the betterment of the society and generations to come. The cost to pay is high.

YOU are quoted

No matter how talented, hardworking or capable you are, you still need someone to give you an opportunity to shine.

~ Christina Chin
~ 26/6/2011
~ via FB

Saturday, 25 June 2011

i wear what i like!

i clearly rmbr dat i was so pissed wen police catch any1 who were wearin black 4Chin-Huat Wong 1 Black M'sia. I prposely wore black whole day bck den. It's ur right 2wear any colur n design of shirt u like. Nw my gov is arrestin ppl in Yellow Bersih Dua shirt. Good! Im gona wear yellow shirt n underwear! U muz noe ur right as the citizen of M'sia. Wearin black o yellow is NOT a crime

Friday, 24 June 2011

The Star Thumbnails: Smelly Company

Published date: Friday 24 June 2011

good blessing Friday

OMG! It's such a blessing! Well, do more good to others and you'll get blessing abundantly. Do your best and only the best and be the best. Be cheerful all the time. Light up someone else's life. Leave a smile bt never a scar, never a curse, never a sad or angry face. today is gona be a good day, for everyone!

*got this thought after knowing that my photo came up again in The Star Thumbnails today. 2 days in a row. =p

Thursday, 23 June 2011

camwhoring =p

*100% unedited*

hehehe.. im camwhoring in the room tonight!

Oh gila liao.

taktau malu.


nvm i like it!

eh u people know right i'm very shy when people take my picture. i always  turn away when people snap my photo. and i don't camwhore. i only take picture of myself when i travel.

but tonight i camwhore cuz i'm playing with the techniques and angles la

apa la..

kenapa, tak percaya ah??


Tuesday, 21 June 2011

YOU are quoted

Life’s an ocean of possibilities.

~ Felicita Fedelis

Monday, 20 June 2011

Photos of Bersih 2.0 Launching

Hi guys, i went to the launching of Bersih 2.0 at Kuala Lumpur Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall last night. You can view the photos here.

Don’t steal my photos. But if you need to use it for official reasons, please acknowledge me. thank you.!/media/set/?set=a.10150211732127877.319634.599962876

Sunday, 19 June 2011

DAMN! wasting 6 hours in office!


Yea you heard me.

Colleague informed me last night that I’m needed for an assignment at 8am. My partner is Alvin. Supposedly my original assignment is on 2pm. Ok fine.

So I reached office at 8am just now. First thing to do is to get the fax or details on the assignment. And guess what. The speech, opening ceremony and stuff is at 2pm! 2pm! 8am is just some minor things with no newsvalue.

So no need to go at 8am lo. 2pm only go out la.


aih. Wat the tut man wrong info?? How can you give us wrong info?? I hate it. Those who key in the details must be accurate la. Look at the fax or press release carefully. Don’t trouble your broadcast journalist and cameraman. Check the details properly and then only inform us. This is not the 1st time we got wrong information on the assignments.

Pissed off ok.

Nw nothing to do in the office. There’s nothing for us to do in the office as the intern. Alright im not going to go into that topic. I just express my disappointment and geramness je on my assignment this morning.

Geram geram geram!

Oh Chin Eng is wasting 6 hours in the office. Right now, there are only 2 people in the office including me. The rest? Sleeping la.

Damn! Tak marah kalau tak boleh la. Tell me how not to be angry in this situation. Anyone also will be angry la.

Wasted my sleeping time. If not because of this wrong info, I can go to office at 10am or 11am because my assignment is at 2pm not 8am.

Some more, I wear so nice (handsome) today ok. I’m planning to do stand upper ma. Stand upper is like u hold a mike and speak and appear on tv la. Ish. Ruin my mood and handsomeness.

*I’ll get angry and get over it soon. Hopefully. =p

Saturday, 18 June 2011

QUOTE of the day

Do care for the people who care for you.

Friday, 17 June 2011


1) Sometimes to get what you want, there’s no such thing as ethics.
2) Jolok first, talk later.

3) No matter what, must not go back office empty-handed.

back to KL, my third home

ok i am ust gona re-post what i posted in my Facebook just now. hehehe. why? cannot ah? i'm rushing for work now. bye.

"Reached KL at 5am. Got home at 7.45am. Going to work at 8.30am. wow im such a hardworking employee. But deiii I want a day off can ah??! My begs are heavier than me you know.. ketot liao. tired mau pancit."

Thursday, 16 June 2011

QUOTE of the day

If you already found a person who loves you more than you love her, be loyal, don't let go and love her more than she loves you.

Dating: Now and Then

Last time, I mean in the 90’s and early 20th century, the way young people go dating is so different. They will curi-curi call each other’s house and that’s the main way to communicate. They will write letters to each other. And they are only able to take bus when go dating because they are still young and no driving license. The best thing is they will will go to park, garden or beach for dating because malls are very less then.

But now I feel the relationship has lost the touch. I feel couple nowadays somehow lost the sweetness due to modernization and technology. They talk less and express lesser through body language. They are trapped in the cyber world. They only sms each other because it’s cheap. They use Facebook, MSN or skype to communicate or to see each other. Wherever they go, they drive because they prefer aircon and comfortness.
The advancement of technology is good but it’s not so good when people rely on it heavily and obsess with it to the extent of losing the human values.

This is just my thought. You may have different view.

I miss the oldies then the new way of courting and dating. =p

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

PERIBAHASA of the day

Siapa makan cili, dia tak rasa masam.

Sunday, 12 June 2011


Music In The Park Performance in conjuction with 1Malaysia Parks and Gardens Carnival.

Date: 11/6/2011

Time: 9.36pm

Location: Botanical Garden

Friday, 10 June 2011

what's in the begpack?

Finally I’m going back to Penang tonight. It feels so nice. It feels as if I’m away from home for months, but the truth is, I’m in KL just for less than 3 weeks.

I have three off days from Saturday till next Monday. So might as well go back Penang. There are things for me to settle there. And most importantly I’m going for AXA AFFIN Health is Might AXN BIG CHALLENGE preliminary round in Penang TOMORROW. The organizer just sent me a confirmation e-mail.

So I packed my things this morning. I bring my backpack to office. So after work, I’ll straight to Pudu Bus Station, get the ticket and go home.

You know what.. my begpack is heavier than me!! Damn heavy gila babi!

I hate it everytime when I go back Penang, there will sure be a lot stuff in my beg.

People ask me what I bring home. I question myself too what is in my begpack.

So what’s in my begpack??

Er… a lot of gadgets and tools la.

I didn’t bring much home.

1 pants, few shirts

Laptop, charger, coolpad

Etc la..

Body is already in pain due to the heavy beg. Oh can go urut in Penang lah. Hehe.

*Being so unproductive in the office because I have nothing to do.

* Last night I had a nightmare again. That was the second time during my stay in KL. Laz time abt death in family. Nw abt police n domestic violence

Thursday, 9 June 2011

YOU are quoted

"To love is to risk not being loved in return. To hope is to risk pain. To try is to risk failure, but risk must be taken, because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing."

~ Joaquin Syed Vishnu
~ 9th June 2011
~ via FB

Pesta Chow Kit Kita

JOM datang beramai-ramai.

Monday, 6 June 2011

main-main lidah

Laki-laki tinggi banyak daki ketiak pagi-pagi berjalan kaki seorang diri berdiam diri dan sepi dengan gigi tak cuci kaki terlekat tahi maki-memaki termaki puki minum kopi makan roti dengan minyak sapi tergores gusi beli loteri tapi tak kena lagi kemudian menangis tak henti-henti cabut lari kena langgar lori.


For those of you who can't stand reading my blog, DON'T READ lo.

It's as simple as that.

If you are offended, if you disagree, if you are hurt, if you don't like or if you feel uncomfortable, leave this page.


I never ask you to read. NEVER! eh did i? NO!!


You terasa?

Chill la..

I am just saying that if you don't like what i said and how i expressed it, it's ok, leave gracefully ok.

i am Oh Chin Eng and this is how i manage my blog, how i put my words and how i express what i feel.

It's my pleasure to have you here.

Thank you.

muax muax.

good night.

bye bye.

Sunday, 5 June 2011


Date: 7/5/2011

Time: 5.54pm

Location: Westlake Garden, Kampar

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Don't Know Why - Norah Jones

QUOTE of the day

You may have a good beginning but a bad ending.

what are you afraid of?

so what do you fear in your life?

what are you afraid of?


no money?







for me, that's nothing. i'm not saying that i'm brave and scare of nothing but for me my fear is beyond that.

yes sometimes i do fear for the things i mentioned above but i can overcome that.

but there is something that i find it so hard to take it.

what am i actually afraid of?

one thing and the most important thing i fear the most is when i hurt the one i truly love.

from good friends, to grilfriend, to family, to lecturers and someone that i respected and used to helped me a lot before.

that's my fear.

im sad when they are sad. i don't know what to do when i let them down.

i feel so helpless when they are down, when they turn me away, when they keep quiet and don't wana talk to me and i feel so alien to them.

I don't want to lost any of them. Im scared of losing people i love. I even cried to found dead cats, what's more a living human.

ANyone of you who used to be close to me, i don't wana lose you.

Yes, i screwed up. I made mistakes. i ruined things. I didn't perform well.

But i still wana keep this relationship, this friendship and this love.

For all the bad things i've done, i bow and i'm sorry.

No matter what happens, I, will always and always love you.

I really do..

EVen if i don't talk to you, that does not means i don't think of you.

I love you. Not the past, but now..

So people..

What are you afraid of?

Friday, 3 June 2011

QUOTE of the day

Don’t worry, don’t be afraid. It’s ok if you are far from your family and good friends. You still have people who care for here. Really..

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Happy Birthday Yeap Mei Li

First of all, happy birthday to my junior, Yeap Mei Li, who’s also doing her internship with me at NTV7.

It’s really a surprise unplanned birthday celebration for her.

I know she must be a bit, just a bit upset because she’s working on her birthday and she’s away from friends and family

To make her 21st birthday a not so bitter one, I pakat with Jing Wen to buy her a cake. While we were having our dinner at McD, I rushed and ran to the nearest cake shop and I found Secret Recipe. So I got her Chocolate Indulgence n she likes it. You can her smiling broadly in the photos. She really thought i went to shit ok. =p

Joining us in the innr and small cake-cutting ceremony were Oisin Tham and our colleague, Kah Yi i think. She's also an intern, but from USM la.

Thanks to the cik adik Secret Recipe yang baik give me 2 big and 3 small candles with a lighter. Jangan tersengih-sengih ya. Next time i go see you again if i need a cake. =p

It’s my 1st time celebrate a junior’s birthday. And it’s also my 1st time celebrate someone’s birthday in KL. Haha.

Happy birthday Yeap Mei Li. This post is a small present from me. =p


Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Mencintaimu - Kris Dayanti

"Hanya satu yang tak mungkin kembali. hanya satuyang tak pernah terjadi. Segalanya teramat bererti di hati ku, selamanya... "

Before we all go to bed, let’s just listen to this song. Suddenly it just came into my mind and I’ve been singing it the whole night!

Ahhh.. feeling so nostalgic la.

Past memories are pouring in. this song makes me reminisce of the yesterdays.
Kris Dayanti’s voice just made my tears to almost drop.

If you really love someone, don't let go. Yes, don't let go. DOn't act mulia by saying it's ok as long as she's happy. Pls la. All this is bullshit la.

LIVE from NTV7

This is my outfit on the first day of internship.

hahaha. Don't laugh!

Eh they say wear formal ma. So i wear formal la. Why?? Too formal is it??

I feel good. Handsome apa.

See. I look like one of the TV presenters. =p