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Friday, 8 April 2011

Giving Dana

Many people prefer to give money to help others. But for me, money is not everything although it’s important. I prefer to buy food for the needy ones or lend them a hand. I think that’s more meaningful. And when I do that, I feel a maximum satisfaction out of it. You just feel awesome and contented when you get a smile from them, even if they don’t say thank you.

Well, just now early in the morning I went to Kampar Old Town’s foodcourt to give Dana to two Theravada monks from a nearby temple at Temoh. Dana is actually a Pali word. It’s an act of giving to others. It does not mean that you give only material things that cost money. For you can give many immaterial things as well. ( Dana is an act of loving-kindness and non-selfishness. You’ll earn a lot of merits from it. And it’ll improve your karma. But when you give dana, never expect to get something in return. Doing charity or volunteerism must always come from a sincere and honest heart. Dana is not meant only for monks but for non-monks as well.

This was actually my second time doing dana. I did my first dana last year, alone. The monk will only come every Friday morning and left by 8.30am. I’ve always forgotten about this event. Not that I am lazy you know.. I really lupa. Furthermore, I’m lazy to wake up early when I don’t have class on Friday.  Thx to Poicia, she’s the one who reminded me and ajak me to do dana this morning.

So I went there around 8am. I was late, just a little bit late. Yea just a little bit late. But Poicia gave her dana already. I was like huh so fast?? It’s not like very urgent, why they wait for me. Hmmm.. but then I realized well, I was late. Whether late for a minute or an hour, it’s still late. Late means late. When you are late, you’ll miss a lot of things. I regret. I regret for being late. I regret for not being discipline waking up on time. I regret for procrastinating. Don’t ever be late la.. no use to regret because it’s already over and it has happened. Big loss..

Anyway, a lot of people especially the locals buying food for the monks. True Theravada monks never beg for money or sell amulets. They only accept food. I was in dilemma because I don’t what to buy to them. I remember Kwan Yee said that it’s better to buy dried food so that it can last long. She also told me to buy food that has no colouring. So at the end, I bought them a papaya and wheat bread. Both also good for health ma. =p

People, giving is always better than receiving.

Do more dana la…

It's another good awesome day! =p

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