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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Healthy Brunch

Healthy meal right?? But not that healthy actually because it's a bruch at 3pm..

QUOTE of the day

“If you don’t carry a smile while serving the people, you will not be able to serve them well.”

~ His Holy Highness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
~ Penang International Sports Arena (PISA)
~ 14/8/2010

BULLSHIT Patriotic?

So you tell me what is the meaning of being patriotic.

What's your definition.

If you say by waving Malaysia's flag is patriotic.

Then i'll say right to your face, stop BULLSHIT!

This is what you call Bullshit Patriotic.

If everyone is so-called patriotic by waving Malaysia’s flag, then no need sing Negaraku, no need climb Everest, no need play sports for the country, no need to do anything good for the nation lah.

Patriotism is from the heart then action, not by force then action.

No one can enforce others to be patrioctic. It's like you can't ask someone to say 'i love you' when he or she does not has the feeling.

Patriotism now is just merely a name than a practiced and appreciated value.


Malaysia is going nowhere with people like you!

Talam dua muka!