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Thursday, 4 August 2011

high religion tolerance in Penang

I’m so glad to see the high level of religions tolerance and understanding in Penang. It’s puasa month and also the Hungry Ghost Festival. There’ll be Muslim prayers at night. And the Chinese will have kotai or singing performance. The kotai people actually lowe down the volume drastically as a respect to the Muslim friends. Wow!

kan bagus kalau semua orang boleh baik-baik macam tu. =p

hi Penang, i'm home

Wohooo! Finally im on my island, Penang.

I reached here at about 2am last night. I must thank Agkillah and her dad for fetching me home. If not I don’t know how am I going to carry my begs.

I tell you, the begs I carried home last night was the heaviest ever in any of my trip to anywhere.

This will be the last time I come back until my internship ends. That’s why I carried about 30% of my things back. Then I don’t have to carry so much after my internship.

So funny. I was like pindah rumah. I got 1 huge backpack, 1 loaded school beg and 2 heavy paper begs.

Oh god, I’ll be more penyek and ketot after this.

It’s ok, it’s nice to be home. I slept about 5am last night. I was too tired but I can’t take my eyes away from the TV. And I have to rush for an interview answers for my junior. It’s for his assisgnment.

He sent me the questions on Monday. But too bad. I was so sick since Monday. I sprained my neck then I had fever, flu and cough. I didn’t have time to check and answer his question until yesterday. But you know, when you are in internship, it’s like you are working. so you barely have time for other things. I sent him my answers in the afternoon just now. I hope it helps. If not, im sorry. I tried my best to help.

I woke in the afternoon and I saw Penang! Haha. Hi Penang. I miss you. I feel so outdated, many things have changed here. Ss usual, i'll hav a lot of things to do n i'll b so occupied.

The sad thing is when ur family members are not feeling well, im nt thr when help is needed. My grandma just had an operation. Will visit her soon.

I just lepak at home today. Tired n lazy to go out la. nice to have mum’s cooking again. Sedap! I’ll come out with my to-so-list soon. Sure got a lot of things. Haha.

You know what, my sister massaged me just now. Hehehe. So nice la. I didn’t know she’s that strong. So comfy. I feel so good now. =p