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Monday, 9 August 2010

QUOTE of the day

"Law doesn't has the feeling. It only sees the evidence."

~ Mr. Santhi
~ UTAR Political Philosophy's lecturer

i wonder..

If an anger or disappointment are much more important than a friendship, then who are friends who are enemies..

MISSION for this semester

NO more down. can only up, up, UP!

ok i duno whether this gona work or not but i'll try to stick to this slogan, get inspired by it till the end of my exam's last paper!

what a rain!!


Oh it’s raining man! OMG! Can u believe it? It’s raining here in Kampar. =p

Its raining its raining!



Everyone must be damn happy right now.

Haha I am so HAPPy la woik!

We are burning for the whole day!! so damn panas heaty humid n hot k.

I mandi like 4 times already. And now going to mandi again.

Oh pls dun stop till tomorrow morning.

I wana have a nice sleep.

Tq ya. Gnite. Tata.


Wat the!!

Halooo y so pondan 1 the rain!!

STOP d??!

Rain in 7 minutes only ah??

Rain some more la!

Come on la..

Give us a break man.. we r sweating like h*ll. Too hot u noe.. now still very the HOT.

Pls rain more la pls. tolong la..

Wa mau tido sampai esok pagi syiok syiok.