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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

me and photography

I love to take pictures. It’s a reality. It’s a fact that cannot be change. It’s me.

One of the reasons im so fascinated and cling onto photography is simply because it gives me satisfaction. I get the best present I ever get from people, their priceless smile. Their smile worth every single tear, blood and sweat I put into the photo.

My aim is to make people happy as much as I can. I want to see them happy. Their happiness is my happiness.

I want to capture every single thing in life, whether it’s good or whether it’s bad.

My photos tell stories. My photos come with meanings. My photos touched people’s heart. I want people to remember me. I want people to remember their memories through photography. This, will make them cherish their lost memories. People can link it to their lives. I know they’ll appreciate it.

I don’t have expensive gadget like the pro photographer. I don’t need those when I already have one, the heart. I captured every single shot with my heart. I use this gift from Him to serve the people.

I don’t mind what you people call me. You can say im crazy. You can say im showing off. You can say im not talented. It’s ok. I am better then you who critisized me because im true to myself, I put efforts in what I do and I’m passionate.

Me and photography are unseparatable.

If one day I die, it’s ok. Because I’ve seen and felt the beauty of life..

QUOTE of the day

If a lie is repeated 10 times, the lie becomes a truth at the 11th time to everybody.

~ an English saying.

time to potong

i still remember in my previous previous old old post, i said when it's long you should just POTONG.

yes why wana keep long long?

I tell you it's so irritating.

and so not handsome.


sometimes so geram.

the bulu, i mean the hair always fly here and there when im studying.

so kacau!

now my boolu-boolu sudah panjang.

atas panjang bawah oso panjang.

it's so long and messy.

i never cut it in Kampar.

i feel unsecure. hahah. i prefer to cut it here in Penang.

im going to POTONG now.

potong atas. cut my hair.

potong bawah. shave my moustache.


i wonder..

Sometimes I wonder why some people can totally forget and let go a relationship and someone who used to be so significant in their life as if they never know each other. I can't. If there’s a delete button in our brain to erase memories, I would love to have it. At least it'll heal the pain deep inside the broken pieces of heart..

YOU are quoted

"One leader can't serve without passion and clear objective."

~ Kow Kwan Yee
~ 18/5/2010 3.31am
~ via MSN

*  I won't simply quote someone if it's not meaningful or funny.

JOKE of the night

"Lu mia senior wu lei jing, then you are junior ham sap jing."

~ Nixon Lai Chia Huey
~ 18/5/2010 1.40pm
~ via MSN

* zzzz... lidat also can. manyak creative cokodok basi!