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Thursday, 20 May 2010

my sister..

My sister is getting taller. Her head is reaching my neck. Tall but still skinny.

She’s talented. She’s good. If you come to my house, you’ll see all her trophies. She purposely display it in the hall. Haha.

She always draw. Im not sure whether she loves it or not but she has been doing it since small. She won quite a number of art competition.

Sometimes I pity her. Her weekends always packed with activitied. Like last Sunday. She woke up early morning for tuition at 8am, then rush for a drawing comepetition and dancing class at 1pm. I don’t know how she can cope with all this.

I wana spend time with her. bring her out for a movie, go for a good wlak with her at the Botanical Garden or fly kite with her. but sometimes I just don’t have the time. Then I’ll feel bad and blame myself for not spending enough time with her.

She’s quite smart. Exam: she’s always in Top 5 in the class and Top 10 in the whole standard. Like wow!!

But she never want to study. I ask her to study, she plays games, watches TV. Waleuh. I ask until bolat d.

Oh ya! She just washed all the dishes. I asked her my mum ask her to do that is it? She said no. *bows*

3 nights ago she taught me ABC. A for alamak. B is for Behtahan! Fulamak! *faints* I duno who taught her that.

Last night, she asked me something that she’ll never get the answer from me. it’s about love. In my family, we seldom n we are not open to discuss about this. It’s hard to change t his culture.

Sister: Takke (big brother), do you have a girlfriend?

Me: No.

Sister: Why no leh?

Me: Why must I have one?

Sister: Why must not you have one?

Sister: you know ah? In the drama, they always say ladies must get married by 30 years old. Then how old do you wana get married?

Me: I don’t know.

See.. that’s my sister. She’s matured d la. Nak akil baligh d. When we went to Thailand, she read newspapers in the hotel instead of following me n my mum out for shopping! Then we were having dinner, we saw a lady begging for money. My sister complained!!

She said, “aiyo why this lady wear so nice, got hands got hands but wana beg for money?”

Me n my mum just kept quiet. Haha.

Sometimes she’ll ask me about her. I’ll just keep quiet. I don’t know what should I say. I just hope my silence will make my sister forget about her like how I’m doing now. My sister misses her a lot.. a lot.. a lot.. I miss her very, very, very much too..

Ok I wana go out with my sister now to fly the kite. Something that we never do before. It’s also one of the things that I wanted to do my the one I love but I never have the chance to do so.