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Monday, 25 January 2010

old people #25

8/10/2009 6.03pm Little India, Penang


ok i wana announce that Mr. Oh Chin Eng is gona blog lesssssssssssssssss this week. He's having a very hectic week. A lot of important and urgent matters to be solved then blogging.

1. Prepare speech for my university's public speaking final competition this Wednesday 27/1/2010.

2. Read journals and prepare notes for lectures.

3. Prepare for Thaipusam festival this Saturday 30/1/2010.

4. Send Letter To The Editor and Thumbnails

5. Take part in photography competitions.

See you. Good night. Tata.

a crazy night

Ok I went to Chinese temple and Indian kuil in Old Town Kampar after a free dinner with Amirah and her bf. Her bf came all the way from KL with motorbike. Where to find such nice bf la. Im gona kick Amirah's ass if she dun appreciate him.

On the way, I saw a community of buffaloes walking home after a late night bathe by the roadside. I stopped and looked at them. they stopped too. Satring competition ma. I snapped picture then I ran off, their trunks are scary.

Anyway, These 2 temples were already closed coz it was already 9.30pm when I reached there. So fine. I reached the Chinese temple first. I kneel down in front of the temple’s big door n I prayed. I asked for this and that. I prayed for my family, grandparents, the Haiti earthquake victims, my coursemates and her.

Then I went to the Indian kuil. I made a wrong turn and I ended up at someone’s funeral. Zzz.. the coffin is just in front of me. I quickly made a U-turn n went out from that lane. Fuh..

When I reached the Indian kuil, no one was there. the whole kuil is dark except lights from the house behind the kuil which belongs to the priest of the temple. So he went out and asked why. I said I want to pray. So I prayed to the main deity of the kuil. He came and he asked me to sit and chat with him.

So I stop my prayer n I sat n talked to him. Ok we chit chat, he asked me this and that. I went to that kuil before and I took his pictures before. After a while, I saw 2 PONDAN priest aka sami came out from his house.

Yes they are PONDAN aka SOFTMAN!

So these 3 priests talked in Tamil la. as if la I don’t understand. I thought the 2 pondan priests are from India but no, they can speak fluent Bahasa Malaysia. So the first priest told the 2 pondan priests what I told him just now-im from Pg, studying in UTAR, photograohy is my hobby, I took kavadi before and im going for Thaipusam again this year etc etc.

I sat there I I felt so weird. So I continued to circled the kuil to pray to Ganesha and Murugan. Finally I talked to Lord Murugan about my intention to participate in Thaipusam this year.

Last year, I promised that if the blood test is ok, I’ll take vegetarian diet for Thaipusam. So, im fulfilling my words now. I’ll also take milk pot on my head aka palkodam and also pierce my forehead.  I somehow received a ‘calling’ to do that. I won’t be piercing my cheek this year like how I did 3times before. I’ll tell you why next time la.

So what do I wish for this year parents always safe and loving.

2.Haiti earthquake victims will be strong. friend who’s struggling to survive from cancer.

4.everything about her. for a better 2010.

The eery geli cilaka idiot unimaginable story begins here. I wanted to make a move but the first priest asked me to sit down and chat with him. Out of respect, I did la. he kept repeating that he’s also alone staying there. then he called one of the pondan sami. He came with a hp.

This first priest said ‘dia (sami pondan) pun ada banyak gambar. Banyak oo. India ada. Cina ada. Melayu ada’ which means ‘he (the pondan priest) also has a lot of pictures. Indians, Chinese n Malays’.

I was like what?!! Why you tell me that? I tell u his face was so horny. I sensed something is wrong. My instinct tells me that they wana show me something ‘dirty’. OMG I should have record or take picture of his miang, gatai, yamchin, khihiao, despicable, keji and horny face.

So while the pondan sami tried to look for the pictures, I quickly grab my phone, and click on my ringtone. My phone ‘rang’ and I prentend talkiing to someone. Before they managed to show me anything, I told them I have to go. I had a glimse on the handphone, it’s like a movie.

I quickly cabut from that place while they happily looking at the ‘contents’ in the handphone.

Can u imagine that??! Ayooo! Amma!! Apa mia sami. Sami u noe. Cilaka oo. Eew!

I ran home n Poovan was in my room trying tie from Sing Yong for the seminar that we are going to attend later. Haha. we took crazy pictures in my room.

*ok i hope that priests were not intending to show me 'dirty' pictures or videos.