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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

my blogspot = my newsroom

Bloggers are everywhere now.

Why people go into blogging? Some because they want to share their thoughts. Some they want to have an account of their life. And some just love to write.

I’m all of it.

I love news reporting. But as the Chairman of SRC, there is a lot of news that I can’t write for J-ON.

Later people say the news is bias ma. In news reporting there must not have conflict of interest one.

I talked to J-On chief editor just now. Hahaha. Yea she’s my boss now. You know what she said? She said if not because of SRC, I’ll be the chief.

Ahem.. nah.. she n another guy are good. Seriously.

Anyway she said that if I were the chief, I would be very stern. Whatever news that I say need to cover, they must cover. If the reporters say no, then there’ll be debate.

Hahaha. Kinda true on the debate part. And kinda true that I think when it comes to selection of news, I’ll be quite stern and stick to my decision.

It’s okla. I’ll make my blog as my newsroom.

I’m the reporter, photographer, and chief editor.

I’ll be responsible for what I wrote.

I write what I know, what I believe and what I want.

My blog is my newsroom.

QUOTE of the day

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