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Monday, 10 May 2010

present to Miss Joethi - photo frame

Me n my classmates gave Miss Joethi a photo frame of our class photo and a handmade card as her wedding presents. I incharged of the photo frame n Pei Suang settled the card.

Me and the man who made that photo frame. What a mistake. For the first time ever, I didn’t take picture of a present that im giving to someone. I don’t have any picture of the photo frame except this one.

"Thanks to our beloved lecturer, Miss S. Kalei Joethi for your knowledge, sharing, patience, love and motivation. You’ll always be remembered. Stay sweet. All the best to you no matter what you do, wherever you are. From: your first batch of UAMJ 1003 Journalism 1 students, Bachelor of Communication (Hons) Journalism, January 2009 Intake, UTAR Kampar."

The captions in the frame. I took so long to think of the words. I scared later grammar n spelling salah ma. Then another hard time to write it on the frame. Scared they can't  read my NICE handwriting ma.

Mistake. I wanted to write 'for' but i wrote 'fou'. So what to do. I didn't bring liquid paper. so i put '4' in front so and i changed 'f' to 'y' do that the sentence becomes '... 4 (for) your...'.


bus and train tickets + the rain = wet and gatai

Wet wet and wet. Im all wet.

Semua pasai tickets balik kampung.

The heavy rain suddenly poured when I was on my way to get bus n train tickets for me n my classmate n a junior. Baik kan i? yea tq. hehe.

Luckily I didn’t bring my camera and hp. but aiyah cant capture how WET I was! I tell you gila babi mia basah ok! the rain is so big so thick so tall so tebal so tualiap. My specs covered with water n I can’t even see clearly. The wind sipek strong but hmpph! Gua mia muscles big enough to stand the wind. But then fulamak the wind seriously can blew me away la.

This is the first time I went to get bus tickets under such a glorious rain. Hmmm.. I promised An Yong n Rachel d ma. Later they can’t go back, I juga susah. Hehehe. N I scared I can’t get bus ticket for myself too this Saturday.

So I went to the train station first to get the ticket to Kepong Sentral for An Yong. The ticket seller dun hv small change. He asked me go to that small stall in the train station to change my RM50 note. I went. What I saw there totally changed me.. I duno how to say it but I felt a lot calmer n it opened my eyes again on the beauty of religion. I saw an old Malay man praying on the floor.  He didn’t closed his shop. I was wondering what if people go n steal the food or rob him. He was facing the Kaabah, his back is facing me. so he didn’t see me. I waited there. I just stood there n looked at him. A lot of things just came n playing in my mind. The rain kept pouring. The man can’t go to the mosque because he needs to make a living. So he chose to pray in his stall. Im touched actually. During his last ‘rakaat’, when he turned his face to the left and right, he saw me. he quickly stood up. I think he was shock seeing a man standing in front of his stall covering himself with huge raincoat, wearing helmet and all wet. So I asked for change from him. He didn’t question much. He opened the drawer n get me 5 rm10 notes. I thanked him. Then I said ‘sori ye kacau.’

Some people especially the extremists and the radicals always try to portray themselves as religious by going to religious places, wear the religious attires etc but no one knows whether they really have God in them.

Then I went to the bus station to get Transnasional tickets to Butterworth for Rachel and myself. luckily tickets are still available. Many students will go back this weekend u noe..

Now my face so gatai! My neck also gatai. Thanks to the rain. Ewww! And my room is flooded. I forgot to close my window. Aih.

QUOTE of the day

Life is about what you left on not what you get.


Dah brapa banyak benda kau missed in your life? BANYAK kan? tak terkira kan? Dah brapa kali? Tak ingat apa bila dan kenapa kan? sampai bila kau nak buat kerja last minute? Sampai bila? Sampai bila kau nak tengok kawan-kawan you dapat benda yang you nak tapi tak dapat? Sampai bila u nak jeles? Sampai bila you nak mengeluh and complain? Sampai bila kau nak bersedih sebab kehilangan? You slalu nak bersedih bila dah kehilangan. But apa guna? Benda dah lepas tak mai balik. bukannya ko taktau.

Kau bukannya bodoh. Kau pandai. Kau mampu. Kau berkaliber. Kau lebih hebat daripada some of your friends. You know it yourself. You know you can go far. Apasal buat kerja bodoh?! hah! bangang! bahlol! bongek! boloh! bangla! Do something! Don’t just sit and think! But do it! Benda kalau depan mata, jangan tunggu. SAPU je.

Jangan duduk dan tunggu samapi deadline. Hang tunggu la sampai deadline sampai u r dead. Lepas tu nk buat apa dah tak sempat dah! Benda tak penting tak payah nak piker tak payah nak buat!


Im so damn pissed at myself n my life right now. damn! Damn me! I’ve ruined it. Geram!

But wait. I always learn from my failure. I stood up again everytime I fell. N I held my head up high.

Im proud that I did better in the first quarter of this year than last year. Although I didn’t get what I want, but I did tried my very best n I gave all out.

That’s not enough. I still missed many things that I wanted to do but I didn’t put enough efforts on it.


for you, Miss Joethi

This small appreciation note is for you my newly wedd lecturer, Miss S. Kalei Joethi.

i know this post is kinda late but at least i still post it right.

I have so much to blog actually but busy with exam la. luckily i have 2days break b4 the next paper on Tuesday. n i HAVEN'T study anything about CRM yet.

i went to my Journalism lecturer's wedding last night in Ipoh.

Miss Joethi, congratulations. Im happy for you, you know..

You looked so pretty. He's handsome and berbulu. A lot of curly hairs on his chest. hehe.

everyone was so happy, hyped up, gorgeous and phewwit. It's my first time to see so many UTAR-ians in such a nice an attractive attire.

Although the mood was good last night but i saw ur tears dropped.

Despite all the obstacles and sesat experince, we managed to reached the Hall wetwet n basahbasah because of the heavy rain to wish n congratulate you.

I know n im sure u r happy to see us.

after all we are your first batch of students in UTAR n we have been with you all this while.

I believe that first love is always the most unforgettable n memorable ones right? well, we are your first love in UTAR. =p

All of us try not to think of the fact that last night is probably the last time we gona see you in person.

we r sad bt at least we say goodbye in a sweet way.

it's a GOOD n BLESSED nite that will be remembered for long, at least 4me.

Now, at this very moment, after all the enjoymeny last night, being alone in my room makes me emo..

I don't this feeling of saying goodbye. I can never be capable to handle such situation especially when it's with the people i love.

I miss you Miss JOETHI!

I still hope that u'll stay with us in UTAR till we graduate.

Im sad u noe u r leaving! We cant c u anymore in uni. not even in Kampar.

No more progessive lecturer like you.
No more lecturer to talk about tobacco
No more lecturer to bring me to demonstration
No more lecturer to sapu jem on roti for me
No more lecturer to giv me advice on life
No more lecturer that knows me so well besides you

Miss Joethi, im sorry if i ever made you mad at me, made you down and sad. i know i did, at least once. Sorry..

i really enjoyed being with you ever since my first semester in UTAR. u r one of the most loving lecturers to me. n we r close to each other. i still remember everytime i passed by ur room, i'll sure go in n say hie to u.

I'll remember the lady who used to sit in the corner room everytime i passed by. I'll remember the picture of Buddha, the cigarrates box, the books n assignment papers everywhere on the floor and the food in your small room.

I will also remember the lady with soft voice who always talk about vegetarianism, human rights, workers right, tobacco and the importance of family.

N i wont forget that you called up your reporter friends in one of my KAYPO CSR assignment about the hill clearing in Kampar.

Im touched that prepared so much because you really want to teach us again next semester for Feature Writing but you can't..

Thanks for the wheat Gardenia roti with strawberry jem n peanut butter u sapu for me.
Thanks for the treat especially Madras Tea.
Thanks for the exposure trip to Ipoh when Nizar got kicked out.
Thanks for the chance to take picture of you for the news article.
Thanks for offering me $ when im broke.
Thanks for your trust on me. Thanks for always believing in me.
Thanks for your motivation and encouragement.
Thanks for always praising me.
Thanks for your knowledge, sharing, patience and love.

Thanks for always reminding me not to be rushy, stay calm n get my facts right before i take any action.

Thanks for everything. I enjoyed the BIG ISA Demonstration with you, we shall do it again. =p

Hope you like the small gifts from us. We don't know what to giv you actually. SO we decided to give you our class picture for you to hang in your room so that you rememeber us always. Im the one who took the pic, developed it, framed it and wrote the caption ok. hahahaha. The cute little card is from Pei Suang.

CONGRATULATIONS again Miss Joethi.

Wish u all the best wherever you are whatever you do. Wish u a happily ever after marriage n sweet family. Don't forget this naughty student who loves to take pictures.

WIth lots of lofs of lovessss...