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Monday, 10 May 2010

present to Miss Joethi - photo frame

Me n my classmates gave Miss Joethi a photo frame of our class photo and a handmade card as her wedding presents. I incharged of the photo frame n Pei Suang settled the card.

Me and the man who made that photo frame. What a mistake. For the first time ever, I didn’t take picture of a present that im giving to someone. I don’t have any picture of the photo frame except this one.

"Thanks to our beloved lecturer, Miss S. Kalei Joethi for your knowledge, sharing, patience, love and motivation. You’ll always be remembered. Stay sweet. All the best to you no matter what you do, wherever you are. From: your first batch of UAMJ 1003 Journalism 1 students, Bachelor of Communication (Hons) Journalism, January 2009 Intake, UTAR Kampar."

The captions in the frame. I took so long to think of the words. I scared later grammar n spelling salah ma. Then another hard time to write it on the frame. Scared they can't  read my NICE handwriting ma.

Mistake. I wanted to write 'for' but i wrote 'fou'. So what to do. I didn't bring liquid paper. so i put '4' in front so and i changed 'f' to 'y' do that the sentence becomes '... 4 (for) your...'.



  1. haha....can i have my card's picture also?i dun hv any...and i wish to post it to my blog...><...thanks~

  2. hmmm! dun wana give you. come to Kampar n get from me la. hahahaha!

  3. yerrr..i scared i will be very bored if i went back kampar.u know la, not like u guys, u guys got paper to go but i hv finished mine's.=p...some more, u will curse me if i was there, i will watch drama, movie and play whole day.XD