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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Oh My Blog!!

My blog not that good huh??

Mr Nixon complained that my layout makes her eyes pain and browser hangs upon loaidng the page??

really ah?

Yeala yeala true also about the browser hang thingy cuz in one page, i have 100 posts. nevermind i reduced it to 50 posts already.

ABout the layout thing, black and white no good is it? You cannot read ah? Your eyes cannot accept black and white one is it?? read already, mata can tercabut hor??

i don't know how to design my blog la. very leceh one u tau ka.

how do u want me to modify my blog's layout? you tell me, i listen.

I know my blog is full of words, no pictures, very boring.

okok i will post more photos and videos lo.

My blog really that bad, ugly and not interesting ah??