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Friday, 31 July 2009

regret is not gona change anything

omg! it's already 6am n im still awake!

WOW! what a record again!

i have class at 8am! ohhh.. i don't tink i shud sleep now. if i do, bye bye la all my classes for today. haha! im sure i'll zzz later in the afternoon. I don’t feel like sleeping also. My sleeping time dah tertonggeng terbalik apom balik. I sleep in the afternoon and then active at nite.

anyway, i was preparing for my presentation actually. have to present later at 12.30pm for Introduction for Political Science. the title is hegemony. entah apa-apa la. the scope is so wide.

i started around 3am. than i pangsai la, i bathed, i washed n hang my clothes.

argh.. i couldnt concentrate. i've been not sleeping for MANY days. crazy i noe. bad for health i noe. but hmmm.. wat to do la anne. wa dulu-dulu lazy, ada prob sikit. now wa mau catch up la. next wik mau hand in manyak assignments lu tau ka. kena korban sikit la.. korban talak boleh mati ma..

so wat i did?? i viewed our pics. a lot man. its all over evrywhere. it reminds me of our journey all these years. i've known her for almost 3 years now. everything has changed. i miss her.. thank god i took a lot of pics last time. i can browse it again and again. i felt like calling her but arghh! i din.. i dun wana argue in da middle of the nite. while i browsing through thousands of pics, i came across a series of pics. it caught my attention.

pictures of Opera Pasar. Its a street theatre held in Penang last December where i was the lead actor. To my shock and dissappointment, i didn't take any pic of me n her throughout the 3 shows. wat the %$^&*()(*!

im so sad. regret. totally REGRET! i dun u'stand y i din take any pics wif her on such an important date and event. im the limelight of the show. i was in this apek 70s costume wearing pagoda shirt n short. reporters interviewed me. family n frens came to support. she was thr helping. she was thr giving me support, giving me advise. but.. not even one pic we had. i feel so bad for myself n her.

aih.. then i just scan thru my laptop. my documents, write ups all over the place. its so messy. again, i found something interesting. i found the letters that i wrote to her. haha! i read it. sound so sweet. =p the letters r so long. Gila babi pnjang. i pity her she had to read all that. i used to rite to her. y?? see.. now i can read back n syok sendiri.


ok! stop toking abt the past for tonite. after all those flashbacks, i just on9. i read blogs. i listen to radio.

suddenly hior.. tba2.. hmm.. something bite me! guess what is it.

its a KACUAK!


its a LIPAS!!

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew! it fell from the ceiling n it bite my neck. wat the! eee...

she came..

omg! what the hell is going on??

suddenly i think of her. its so sudden n random!

it's not the right time. im preparing my presentation for tmr. =(

im not strong.. im not.. i can easily be touched by just listening to slow, sad, or love songs.

im listening to 988.. my fav chinese radio station.

God is so wow. He gives us an ability called feeling. feeling changes so fast in just a blink of an eye.

how nice if she is here right now.. u noe..

waaaa... bes juga berangan syok sendiri. =p

ok! stop!


Wednesday, 29 July 2009

QUOTE of the day

Pagi yang segar mewangi tidak semestinyanya akan kekal cantik berseri sepanjang hari kerana hujan gelap mungkin akan turun di tengah hari.

RM50 finally...

waaaaaaaaa............. happppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

aku happpppppppi!

hua hi!

yeh yeh!

yot yot!

pooot pooooot!

finally after 4months since March! i got rm 50 agaiN! yeah AGAIN!

woohooo! wakakaka. nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh nyoh! what a good starter of the day if not a RM50 and a picture from you with your name in the Thumbnails section of The Star??

not to show off la.. but hei i wana show u la! go grab today's The Star! haha!

burn last minute oil

as usual, everyone studies at this time. y?? because tmr morning got exam. i haven't finish studying yet. i slept from 12.30am until 3.30am. i dun tink im going sleep tonite bcoz exam at 10am.

good luck to everyone who's taking Introduction to Mass Communication. =p

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

QUOTE of the day

"I think our parents are proud of us despite who we are. But when's the last time we're proud of them?"

- Vivien Chang Wei Lin

*think about it..

guilt of a son

Im still awake. Emo-ing bcoz im going back tmr morn. I mean later at 9am. Coincidentally, my fren jz said smtg wic really saddened me.

I told her, Vivien Chang that she has not been updating her blog. She’s surprised that I read her blog.

She also said “for now i juts treat it as a place for me to let out n record my emotions so that i nxt time can look back n see whoa i experience this b4,im not gonna repeat those silly mistakes again. so i wasnt thinking of ppl reading it la. unless if i got write better stuff there lolx. i oso keep my pics on fb,cuz in case computer kena reformat again..i realize i din really take pics of myself when i was younger. so nxt time i wanan hav something to look back on my own face lo. i like to record things up wan lolx.”

I was like kena slap when she said that. Im not angry. She din offend me. No. My heart breaks because I din take pics wif any of my family members. I mean duo pics. Truths are painful. Painful. It’s so painful.

What kind of son i am? I used my parents money to get my camera n some camera gadgets. I took pics of everything. I took pics with everyone. I have pics of everyting. I captured memories of other ppl. I document other people’s life.

But.. where is the pics of me n my parents? I call myself sentimental, sensitive, expressive. I love old stuffs. But hei! Where are the pics of me n my bro? where are the pics of me n my sis? Where r the pics of me n my mum? Whr r the pics of me n my dad?

I cant recall at all when was the last time I took pic wif any of them. Yea we had family photo last year during my sister’s bday bt not this yr cz I was in Kampar. I cant recall I took any duo pics wif any of them since I got my own camera in 2003.

Arrghh! This is so hurtful! I hate myself!! Y now oni I realised.. a pic mayb just a pic. It may not means anyting to u. But a pic for me means more than just a pic. I’ve been recording my life thru photography. Sadly to say, I din use it to record my family’s life.

A pic brings a family together. It creates love. It documents memories that will nvr be repeated again. It captures moments that last forever. It reminds us of the past. It shows us how life has changed over the years.

I dun wana take pics wif them when only they have died. I don’t want. Im already 21. They are almost 50. Anything can just happened like Michael Jackson n Yasmin Ahmad. Im gona hate myself when im old for not taking pics wif them.

I noe the truth. The truth is im not a good child. Really im not. I may not be a good son but I love them. I really love them. I just duno how to show it. I cant. I silently quietly pray for them, hoping they are fine n safe. I cried in my prayer. Sumtimes I ask from the God to shorten my life so that my family members can live longer.


Never! I never hug them too. I've huggeg my sister only. No one know how guilty I am. My tears are not gona change anything. I guess I’ll only say the 3 letter words when they are not breathing anymore.

I promised myself I’ll take pics with everyone of them, one by one, the next time I come back to penang.

*Anyway im not angry at Vivien. Not at all. I wana thank her for waken me up. I’ve learnt a lot about family love from my JR classmates in UTAR. Thanks a lot.

the 'thing' is getting bigger

If u read my blog, you'll now noe that i have some sickness or i'll cal it illness. No one knows what is it. No one. I never tell anyone about it, not even my parents or her. Im scared. Im shy. There's nonit to tok about it i think. U sick, ur prob la, y wana trouble ur frens n parents. i dun1 anyone to be worried.

Tonite i decided to wrote what im facing after 2months. This 'thing' has bothering me since my semester break in May. It is one of the reasons y i neglect my studies and couldnt concentrate in my studies. It's so sickening, disturbing n irritating.

Tonite the wound bleeds. yea.. I see blood. It has been getting bigger and bigger. Yet, no one notice it because it's cover by clothes. It's unseen by naked eyes.

it's painful.

it bleeds.

it's ichy.

If you ask me what is it? sorry i wont tell. i just kenot tel. i duno how to say it out. it's not like flu, fever, sorethroat or cough. It is smtg more serious than that.

Y i never see doctor n get proper treatment? I dare not to see doctor. I nvr like to spend $ on health. I'm a person who alwayz belive that the sickness can just cure by itself. I'll leave it thr n i wont do anyting abt it. I noe I'm just killing myself. God knows what is the 'thing'.

Monday, 27 July 2009

i miss yasmin

Helo.. I feel so uneasy for not blogging this few days. I write actually. I write a lot these few days. Just that I din post it in my blog. Anyway im still in Penang. Im going bck tmr, 9am bus.

Right now at this moment, im watching Petronas advertisemnets. Yasmin Ahmad came into my mind. I miss her. I still couldnt believe that she has passed away.. i couldn’t hold back my tears. it's so hurtful watching someone’s work when the person has gone.

She’s not gona come back. no.. she wont.. MJ has gone too.. y one after anotheR? Y cant good ppl live a little longer? Dey will forever be remembered for their achievements and the message in every of their works which has touch our hearts.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

balik kampung

penang im coming. wait for me!

Interpersonal Communication-Midterm

ok. exam in 1hour time.

date: 26 july 2009

time: 10am-11am

venue: DDK1

preparation: notes

results: DIE LA!

QUOTE of the day

just because u r loyal, doesnt means u r desperate. love is the best gift ever from God. u dun force to love n be loved. there's NOTHING wrong to love someone! to love someone is hard, but to forget and leave behind ur love is even harder, painful and hurtful. it's like a deep stab down to your hearth, slicing ur skin into pieces, kiiling u softly.

Friday, 24 July 2009



rain PLEASE stop

omg! it's already 7.45am.

y the rain is getting heavier?

STOP la.

wa mau pigi sikolah la.

lu ini maciam hujian hujian olang olang susah lu tau ka.

sikit-sikit cukup la.

dangerous mau bawak kapcai lu tau ka.

nanti wa tak mau fren sama lu.

stop ok? slow sikit yeh..

later wa blnja sama lu gula-gula.

tankiu ye.. =p

rain DON'T stop!

I feel lazy to go to class la. aduih… clas at 8am. I woke up at 5am to do my assignments. Then 6.15am it rain so heavily. Gila babi lebat oo.. da wind oso very strong.

Haha! so nice to sleep.


I was like hoping the rain can stop. By 7.15am the rain has slowdown. Sikit2 la.. suddenly I feel like ponteng. Haha! I dun wana go… lazy la.. so cold out thr. Later the wind blow me away.

arrrghh! Y the rain has to stop?? hujan la. kasi besar mia. Kasi besar2. BESAR! Bagi tuakang punya! Make Kampar flooded. We tenggelamkan da lakes in Kampar. Everyone sleeps at home. Everyone nonit go to uni. Ahahaahah! How nice is that.

Anyway thanks to my clasmate, Saravani. So nice of her to ask her fren to come fetch me. I was like alooo wa mau ponteng la! Y raining oso wana go to sch la.. hmm.. I noe she wont ponteng la. she’s a very nice gal, alwaz scold me. haha! I feel so bad nia if I ponteng.

7.30am the rain getting lesser. Drizzling la.. sikit2 belum jadi bukit. Hmm.. yea2. Im getting ready to go to sch now. i changed my mind la. But i'm not going with Saravani, im riding coz i need to go home ASAP!


Thursday, 23 July 2009

i need some rest

I'm going back to PEnang this saturday. i need some rest in the place where i belong. i was too lazy n down dis semester. i've changed negatively. im looking for peace. im waiting for the sun to shine again..

i blog quite often recently. i duno y. do u noe? maybe..

1) i feel it's time to let out what's in my heart and mind?

2) i 1 some attention?

3) im too lonely and i need to tok to someone?

4) i'm tired of writing journal n kip it all myself?

5) it's one of the things that i can leave behind to my frens if smtg hppen 2me?

6) 2 update my frens n da one i love?

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

selamat malam

Good night
I wana sleep d
Yea 10pm d
My teachers used to day must sleep at 10pm
Sufficient sleep is good for our body and mind
Im too tired la
Will wake up at 3am la
See u

selamat pagi

Good morning world!
What an achievement.
I didn’t sleep the whole night.
i guess the KOPI O KAO is too kao
I spent my night in front of my laptop.
Did many things.
My class at 10am.
Partial solar eclipse is gona happened later at abt 8.15am.
Hungry now.
Im going out to makan.
Wana join me? Let’s go! =p


orang yang patut baca tak baca...

my roomate kena SAMAN

this is a story abt my roomate, Gan Siang Yong.

He woke up around 11.50pm and he wanted to go out for supper wif my hsemate. he nk motor. I ok 2lend him bt duno y I din say yes. so finali dey keluar.

suddenly he called me at 12.37am. he kena saman! Shit la! he din wear helmet. I scold him! Den oni I realised he curi2 take my bike. I tot he din use cz he din ask da key from me. I was so angry n hot. Seriously!

Firstly he din ask me for the key n he took it curi2, use my bike without permission. Secondly he doesnt has lesen. Thirdly he din wear helmet! Wat if the polis 1 2 cari pasal and take away my bike?! Policemen can just accuse u and bully u especially if u r new to saman-ing and duno your basic rights. They can oso say dis is motor curi bcoz lesen talak, helmet pun talak!

I dun mind lend him my bike bt becareful la. see la now he kena saman. I hate ppl invade my privacy n use my ting without telling me. i pantang gila babi when the ting is so private. im soory la for being so honest. Good frens don’t mind if frens use their tings. But depends what is it.

Anyway my instinct was so chun. When he ask me can he use my bike jz nw, my mind was thinking abt him kena saman because more policemen on da road recently. Manatau cun-cun he kena. He's super lucky bcoz the policemen din ask for his lesen. if not die la!

He did smtg wic really annoyed and saddened me. He wanted to 'settle' it when the policemen stop him. So thhe policemen ask him 'brapa u mau kasi'. What the fuck la! GIVE U SHIT LA POLICEMEN! At the end my fren couldnt settle it because too many of dem. aih.. i HATE PPL GIVING AND RECEIVING BRIBE.

after he kena saman, he can still happily go yumcha n came bck oni at 1.20am. ayoyo amma! i feel like kick him at the ass!


Tuesday, 21 July 2009

looking for chin eng

chin eng is missing

chin eng is trying hard to look for himself as he has lose himself

chin eng don't have the answer for 'what is your problem?'

chin eng has changed

chin eng is not asking for sympathy

chin eng made a lot of mistakes this semester since june

chin eng has offended his good friends

chin eng feels really sorry and bad

chin eng couldnt help it coz he's really depressed and demotivated

chin eng feels sad, moody, lonely, heartbroken

chin eng is physically hurt too

chin eng almost give up

chin eng wants to put behind the past and move forward

chin eng needs time and support to bounce back

chin eng knows he doesnt't has much time because he has wasted a lot of time and chances

chin eng hopes his friends can still accept him while he's struggling to get back on his feets


Friday, 17 July 2009

H1N1: UiTM Students’ Lives at Stake

H1N1: UiTM Students’ Lives at Stake

I would like to share a news that really shocked me to death. I have friends studying in UiTM Lendu, Melaka, the university that was hit by H1N1 last Sunday. I’ve been following closely on this issue as my friends are in danger and I’m also an university student. As I expected, more students are tested positive for H1N1. The situation is not under control anymore and it’s at critical stage. From 4 cases on 11th July, it increased to 6 cases on 15th July and 9 cases today. The nine UiTM students were part of the 10 new cases of the virus recorded today and all of them are local transmitted.

There are many things that are not make public by the university to the media. After the cases were reported in the media, MOH has sent their officers to assist the university medical team. The university’s clinic was packed with students to be screened. Students with serious complication were sent to hospitals while the rest who were affected were quarantine altogether in a room. These students who were being quarantine are allowed to skip classes. Ironically they are allowed to move around in the university and surprisingly without mask. So what’s the point of quarantine? The university has not taken any safety precaution. Some students were not aware of the situation because the university didn’t make any announcement. Plus, the students of UiTM are not provided with mask. Students have to spend their own money to buy masks from the nearby town at Alor Gajah. It’s the university’s responsibility to take care of their students safety and security. Students lived in fear and disgruntled by the move of the university and MOH for not closing the university.

Why after so many cases only MOH directed UiTM to be closed? Parents are worried of their child’s safety. University is a place to gain knowledge not to gain virus. The funny thing is primary schools were closed immediately when 2of its students were confirmed to have H1N1 but why not UiTM? It should had been closed after 4 students are down with the virus. What is there to wait for and what is UiTM trying to hide? Students are even intimidated and forbidden to take pictures of the scenario in the university, afraid that it might leak to the media. The students’ lives are now really at stake. Although today, 16th July, MOH has directed UiTM to be closed until 24th July and the students are allowed to go home, the action would be too late. At least 20 students are contracted with the virus and thousands of students has very high chances of getting it and possibly carrying the virus back to their hometown. I strongly believe that there will be more local transmitted cases coming up especially from UiTM students. Their family members, neighbours and friends will be affected.

All these mishandlings caught my attention to write to the press. I’m so disappointed with the way a well-known university handling the case which have big impact to the society. The public don’t know what is actually happening in the university. Are the university or MOH going to be responsible if the students are dead because of H1N1? This is just some parts of the stories that the public and media are unaware of. I hope that this situation won’t happened in other universities. If it does, please take preventive measures immediately and announce it to the students. I urge the students to quarantine themselves at home and hope they are fine.

16th July 2009

Oh Chin Eng

* i noe la its not that good. was rushing to send it to the press ma. its my first letter to the press ok. plus, English not that good ma. can la..

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

i am sorry

i am really sorry my friends. i am truely deeply seriously honestly humbly sorry.

sorry sangat2. sorry. maaf. betul i minta maaf dari dalam hati bukan takat mulut.

Monday, 13 July 2009


Omg! My friend really good in making stomach cramp. TWO THUMBS UP! Wana noe y? He said I said smtg wic I dun rmbr at all. Plus, he gave me all da details of what I said. Crazy! Walking archieve r! I dun rmbr a thing at all. Haha. read this..

happy month-sary : chin eng

nix : nixon lai chia huey

happy month-sary says (12:55 AM):
not me

nix says (12:55 AM):

happy month-sary says (12:55 AM):
no no

nix says (12:55 AM):
u scold me lo
how dare u

happy month-sary says (12:56 AM):
no no
wana show u an emotion la

nix says (12:56 AM):
i dun care, i come to kampar sulah u

happy month-sary says (12:56 AM):

nix says (12:56 AM):
sulah sampai lu nangis

nix says (12:57 AM):
wat ciao u wan
u scold me lo
how dare u

nix says (12:58 AM):
i dun care, i come to kampar sulah u
sulah sampai lu nangis

happy month-sary says (12:58 AM):
so ganas
learn frm sexter

nix says (12:59 AM):
ganas itu hobi
eh i got one philosophy
i ingat u kata before
u remember ah?

happy month-sary says (1:00 AM):
u ingt wat i said hor?

nix says (1:00 AM):
X tak ganas, Y tak panas
replace the X Y with the genders

happy month-sary says (1:01 AM):
wat philosophy is dis

nix says (1:01 AM):
u catch it bo
u ajar me one

happy month-sary says (1:02 AM):
me r??
i dun rmbr la

nix says (1:02 AM):
rephrase the sentence
then write here for me
with the X Y

happy month-sary says (1:03 AM):
x tak ganas
y tak panas

nix says (1:04 AM):
replace the X and Y with jantina la

happy month-sary says (1:04 AM):
male x ganas
female x panas
i din say dat
not me

nix says (1:04 AM):
u laaaaaaaaaaaa bro
2 tahun lalu u ajar me, masa makan lor mee @ penang road 3.15pm

happy month-sary says (1:05 AM):

nix says (1:05 AM):
masa tu u pakai baju putih

happy month-sary says (1:05 AM):
dun merepek

nix says (1:05 AM):
with cs, kaho and neh

happy month-sary says (1:05 AM):
pg road whr got lor mee

nix says (1:05 AM):

happy month-sary says (1:05 AM):
3.15pm sumor

nix says (1:05 AM):
u pom pek la

happy month-sary says (1:05 AM):
tel me more
dun merepek

nix says (1:05 AM):
its 15th March 2007

happy month-sary says (1:05 AM):
u dun simply say
how sure r u

nix says (1:05 AM):

nix says (1:06 AM):
i ingat secukup cukup
how sure? very sure laaaaaa

happy month-sary says (1:06 AM):
lor mee at whr??
y i said dat

nix says (1:06 AM):
how i know

nix says (1:07 AM):
u siao one apa pun boleh cakap ma
i ingat for u
u tak ingat
sad la

happy month-sary says (1:07 AM):
u r so farking funny
dun make me laugh

nix says (1:07 AM):
masa tu wa habis class at college then ajak u guys makan u all kata ok then things happened already

happy month-sary says (1:07 AM):
lu kanashit

happy month-sary says (1:08 AM):

nix says (1:08 AM):
penang road la!

happy month-sary says (1:08 AM):
wic part!

nix says (1:08 AM):
things happened refer to u kata itu philoshophy la
tempat jual chendol la itu kopitiam puto
kaneh i am taking this very seriously, me no joking

happy month-sary says (1:09 AM):
kaneh lu
chendol thr no lor mee la
i kenot stop laughing

nix says (1:09 AM):
kaneh lu

happy month-sary says (1:09 AM):

nix says (1:09 AM):
walao laugh me sumore

happy month-sary says (1:09 AM):
sakit perut

nix says (1:09 AM):
puto hang

happy month-sary says (1:09 AM):
u serious loo
lu banana
tel properly la dei
pg road whr

nix says (1:09 AM):
kaneh u dun laugh nanti ur housemate ingat u gila

nix says (1:10 AM):
chendol la!!!!!!!!!!

happy month-sary says (1:10 AM):
we nvr go thr la

nix says (1:10 AM):
dekat itu jual laksa la puto

happy month-sary says (1:10 AM):
he oso laugh la!!

nix says (1:10 AM):
zzzz ur memory damn suck la

happy month-sary says (1:10 AM):
itu popular mia cendol r
i noe thr got cendol

nix says (1:10 AM):
abo mana

happy month-sary says (1:10 AM):
bt no lor mee la
u siao liao hor?

nix says (1:10 AM):
oppositeo ne la

happy month-sary says (1:10 AM):

nix says (1:10 AM):
u siao 1st i also not yet siao

happy month-sary says (1:11 AM):
got pic r

nix says (1:11 AM):
in front*

happy month-sary says (1:11 AM):
or resit r
corner kopitiam r

nix says (1:11 AM):
dey masa tu u tak da ur slr
in front can park motor one la
kopitiam need receipt one meh kaneh i din heard before

happy month-sary says (1:11 AM):

happy month-sary says (1:12 AM):
proof ma

nix says (1:12 AM):
i still remember u call that aunty a nme

happy month-sary says (1:12 AM):

nix says (1:12 AM):
u called her tuang sai ah yee

happy month-sary says (1:12 AM):
joke of the day la

happy month-sary says (1:12 AM):
tuang sai??
lu ciak sai la

nix says (1:13 AM):
cos u kata her face like shit
so u bagi her
how i know

happy month-sary says (1:13 AM):

nix says (1:13 AM):
lu mia mulut ma haha

happy month-sary says (1:13 AM):

nix says (1:13 AM):
walao apa

happy month-sary says (1:13 AM):
lai video la

nix says (1:14 AM):
offlights d la
bro sleeping man

happy month-sary says (1:14 AM):
so wat

nix says (1:14 AM):
cannot see me la

happy month-sary says (1:14 AM):
dun wana see ur kha chui oso

nix says (1:14 AM):
gelap gelap tengok apa

happy month-sary says (1:14 AM):

happy month-sary says (1:15 AM):
serious la
i duno da whole ting u r saying

nix says (1:15 AM):
the problem now is that
what i just said is all FACTS
and u duno, cos u dun remember
conclusion lo

happy month-sary says (1:16 AM):

nix says (1:16 AM):
dun think too much, assume u dun remember
and assume now i remind u and u absorb back that thing

happy month-sary says (1:17 AM):
i absorb nth

nix says (1:17 AM):

happy month-sary says (1:17 AM):

nix says (1:18 AM):
ehhh u remember bo
that time laaaa
penang road la dudeeeeeeee
jual chendol one la

happy month-sary says (1:18 AM):

nix says (1:18 AM):
eh u remember or not one, that time ma at penang road

happy month-sary says (1:19 AM):
cz pg road no lor mee!!

nix says (1:20 AM):
*eh u remember or not one, that time ma at penang road????????

happy month-sary says (1:20 AM):
pg road no lor mee

nix says (1:20 AM):
got la
u balik u pi tengok

happy month-sary says (1:20 AM):
cendol eh kopitiam no lor mee!!

nix says (1:21 AM):
got laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

nix says (1:22 AM):
mari bet, if ada u gimme 10 bucks, if tak da assume nth happen ok?

happy month-sary says (1:23 AM):
dei i dun rmbr wor
we go thr eat r?

nix says (1:24 AM):
eat before la

happy month-sary says (1:25 AM):

nix says (1:26 AM):
so, try to remember and recall

nix says (1:27 AM):
this is the best i can did, no need to appreciate
is my job, so far, farewell
my pleasure, my lord

happy month-sary says (1:28 AM):

nix says (1:28 AM):
wah sai la wa

happy month-sary says (1:29 AM):

nix says (1:29 AM):
kaneh u siao ah keep laugh


We tend to miss someone only when they are not around. Not only miss but love..

but hei! What for?? It’s too late!! U cry u beg u bang your head to the wall oso no use when the ppl r gone. GONE far far away. And they will nvr come back!

When that person is in front of u, u buat tak tau. Buat DERK! Jual mahal! Jual ni! Jual tu! Ppl nice to u bt u buat shit to them. Ppl LOVE u bt u scold them.

Come on HUMAN! What u 1??!! SHIT la.

Give n Take la. Show some APPRECIATION, RESPECT n LOVE.


12th just passed

hie.. jz wana be crapy tonite. 12th jz passed. yea jz passed.

so fast kan. time pass so fast. so fast 1 month already. aih..

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

gain weight gain muscles in 30 DAYS

nyeh nyeh nyeh.

im going to gym tomorrow. wahahah! i wana be BIG! i wana be FIT! i want to gain WEIGHT! i want to gain MUSCLES! kakakaka...

im so excited. cant wait for tmr. imy friend from SXI is gona help me to achieve my mission. he actually asked me to take off my shirt. body check kononnya. haha.

i used to work out. yea i used to 6months ago b4 i enter UTAR. i stopped cz i was lazy. eh.. u nid smtg to boost u up ok. if not u'll easily give up. mental kena strong. body kena fit! makan kena a lot! everything oso must double!

i duno what or who boost me n give me power to work out again dis time. i jz wana do it. i eat a lot bt still dat 'slim'. a lot of gals jealous. so wat to do. i must gain weight lo. then can become handsome ma. =p macho sikit la.. plus, she always ask me go work out bt i never do so.

i bought gain weight protein bt i also stopped taking it 6months ago. it taste yucks n its nt cheap!

ok, below are my plans of action:

1. Sit up n push up weight lifting for 30 times at least twice a day
2. Jog at least once a wik
3. Work out at least twice a wik 2hours per session
4. drink Susu every morn
5. drink weight gain every evening
6. eat more n more than usual

waahahahahha! 30 DAYS TO TRANSFORM~


hmmm... i mis her. i miss her. rindu. rindu. please someone tel her. someone please tel her. aih..

malam-malam maciam ni i'll tink of her especially when im listening to soft slow romantic love songs. yeah.. i cant stop myself from thinking of her.

yea UTAr has tonnes of gals. so what?!!! its not my prob. good la. their parents happy la gave birth to such lovely daughters. so what??

ppl bodoh ma loves n loyal to a girl only..

okla. tido tido. pi tido semua.