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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

alone at home

Every students of UTAR Kampar has gone back to hometown after exam. semester break has started last Monday 28/9/09 to Sunday 18/10/09. And im still here..alone.. hehe.. I’m going to KL tmr then come back here again then Sunday only go back to Penang. Why? Hehe.. tell you later. =p

Cilaka betul! Ish! Haha. im sleeping alone in my house tonight. All my friends have gone back. My hostel area, Westlake now is as dead as a abandones town. So quite.. kinda creepy.

The houses here are so huge. Really! My house is one the new houses here. 3 storeys! 13 rooms! Im staying at 3rd floor. So imagine yourself being at home alone.. so far away from your hometown. Alone in your room all day. In middle of a serene environment, but sorrounded by lakes, jungles, hills, and quietness..

Yea yea I noe im rich stayin in such a big house alone. Haha! seriously I tell you, if you are a Penangite like me, you be amazed to see my house. It’s like a half Bungalow. Almost like a Bungalow la. really ada class! Houses here if built in Penang, sure damn expensive!

Im quite used to staying alone at home. Just that this time it’s a bit different coz everyone in Westlake dah blahh!

I love to explore places myself. I went into the jungles here to take pics and came out only after the moon arise. Sacry la.. but u noe.. wen u dun tink of the geli thing, u wont feel geli la. I can make myself dun tink of it. I have my tactics lar..

someone must always calm n strong in faith la. wherever I go and whatever I do, I always start with a prayer. I’ll pray for safety then I’ll ask for forgiveness if I did anything wrong. As long as my heart is pure, I believe, God will always protect me.

Nvm. Insya-allah Chin Eng can handle this situation. Hehe… I've already switched on all the lights in my house. see?? how brilliant i am? if thieves wana come in also they will think twice.

I’ll make myself busy lah. I’ll listen to songs. I got so many things to do. I have to edit weeding pics for a client. I have to house keeping. I have to pack my stuffs back to penang. I have to do laundry. I have to fold my clothes. I have to post up me n my friends supernatural act videos onto Youtube. I wana write a letter to the editor. I wana blog.. etc etc etc.

SEE I AM SO BOH ENG (not free).

Okla.. chao.. sakit perut la! grrrhhh! go pangsai 1st. c u. gnite. Tata.

Love of A Father

this is so touching. this video is not only for Christians but for every children in this world. our dad loves us. the man in the video made my heart melt and broken.

sometimes we just have to let one thing go to make sure another thing is safe. we can't have both at a time.