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Saturday, 21 May 2011

YOU are quoted

it's almost 5am n im still awake. stomach isnot feeling well la. i keep on farting. kentut sini kentut sana. got rhythm n melody some more.

hahah. it has been a while, in fact quite long ago since i quote someone in my blog.

and now at this time, i wana quote them before i go to bed. SO why i quote? it's either meaningful, inspirational, funny or stupid. hahaha.

so yea you are QUOTED peope. =p

“Gambar ambil liao sendiri view then when u KO time we help u playback all the pic u taken in ur life reminiscene kakakaka.”
~ Nixon Lai Chia Huey
~ 12.23am 21/5/2011
~ via MSN

“U r really such an amazing character! :D”
~ Christina Chin
~ 1.19am 21/5/2011
~ via FB

“U oways rush dats y SKINNY la.”
~ Huey Shyan
~ 4.00am 21/5/2011
~ via MSN