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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

simple to be happy

 Oh yes I am happy today. Sometimes it’s just so easy to be happy.

I realized I am that kind of people that easily feel satisfied and contented.

What’s so happy about today?

Happiness is when Nathan slept on my bed last night soundly and we missed the concert by Olivia Ong.

Happiness is when I brought Nathan to the hidden delicious Curry Mee in Air Itam where only local know where it is.

Happiness is when I saw the Curry Mee aunties are still around and they smiled at me.

Happiness is when I got to know that my loved one is called for an interview at The Star.

Happiness is when I bargained kao-kao and bought antiques aka unwanted items aka rubbish cheap-cheap at Armenian Street ‘thieves’ market. 

Happiness is when I got updates from Pei Suang.

Happiness is when I got to know that Ai Loon is now working in a newspaper company in Penang! Wohooo!

Now I know why I pokai – food, books, travel, antiques.

*isn't it simple to be happy*


Manusia memang macam tu kan. Bila dah kehilangan baru nak menghargai. haha! tak terlambatkah?