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Sunday, 21 August 2011

i WANT be a photojournalist!

shit and read


ayoooooooooooo ammaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa kadawaley...

how can people shit and read in toilet one?


they can bring in newspaper, magazine, and novel to read. some even bring in their hp. they can happily sms their friends while shitting. not to forget, some will play hp games or Angry Bird too. mp3 also got.

apa ni multi-tasking ah?


cannot la. i cannot accept la.

i know la they enjoying it but then..


i know shitting is a very enjoyable process. i have no objection to that.

but you must focus and concentrate on the toilet bow you know.

how to enjoy shitting while reading??

can meh?

not a healthy lifestle la to shit and read.

hopefully one day their handphone, books or mp3 drop into the toilet bowl.