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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

final stay in Kampar

I’m back in Kampar again yesterday. This will be the last time I come back to Kampar for a new semester. Hopefully I can graduate by the end of this year, as it is supposed to be.

Class starts next Monday but surprisingly I’m a week earlier. What to do.. I must finish my Final Yeap Project (FYP). If not, no graduation. Besides, there are things to settle in Kampar.

My mum forced me to take pocket money from her before I left the house. I declined. I’ve been doing that for a year at least. My younger brother and my sister need the money more than me. My brother is already working and giving money to my parents but I take money from my parents? This is so wrong.

It’s ok. I can still survive with PTPTN loan. But I must be very careful with what I spend. I left with only few thousands ringgit till the end of the year. New semester always comes with bigger expenses. Money have to be used on room rental, school fees, groceries, books and notes as well as to fix the broken things such as bike and bicycle.

My brother fetched me to the jetty. Then I took morning bus which I nearly missed and reached Kampar in the afternoon. The house was in a mess as if it was abandoned for months. A war taken place in the house I guess.

It’s nice to be back. The whether was superb. It has been two days that the sky is so blue. The clouds are so thick and white. It’s so windy and at night, it’s chilling. It’s sunny but not hot at all. The weather makes me so cheerful!

My roommate, Ah Liang is back too. So nice to see him.

Anyway, once I reached Kampar, I was invited for lunch at Aunty Betty’s house. I rejected at first but after that she called. Out of respect, I went. She made very nice chicken rice. Seriously nice! Tze Huey, Cynthia and Edmund were there too.

Then it’s the housekeeping time, as usual.

Let’s see what I’ve done..
I had good food and nice bath.
Sweep and mop my room and the hall.
Unload stuffs from my luggage and begpack.
Fix my bike.
Put on bed sheet.
Clean the sinky.
Boil water.
Fold clothes.
Put on facial mask.
Arrange things in the drawer and cupboard.

I had a wonderful dinner last night with Tze Huey. My mum woke up at 6am in the morning yesterday to cook for me. She made me fish curry, omelette with onion and ikan bilis, sausages, and nuggets. I tapao back to Kampar and supposed to eat it for lunch but I was too fulled after lunch at Aunty Betty’s house. My mum made cokodok too. Many people don't know what's that. It's a banana ball la.

You know.. I haven’t finished arranging my stuffs yet. Too many things and rubbish la. Today will be the last day to settle everything.

I can’t wait to fully concentrate on my FYP..

October is a FYP month.


mencelik mata menguap-guap membuat kerja tatkala bulan penuh mengambang diiringi angin lembut yang menyejuk menaikkan bulu-bulu roma badan si kecil ini..