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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Countdown for Sem Break

oh i can't wait for this semester break.

i am so determined to travel.

i don't care.

no money also must go travel.


im so excited right now. im planning where to go, what to do etc etc.

most probably i'll go alone la.

and yea i'll go out from Malaysia. hehehe..

so anyone wana go kaikai with crazy fella, me??


no dinner with Prime Minister

At this moment, the Prime Minister already break his fast and having a nice dinner with student leaders from all over Malaysia.

Sadly to say i couldn't attend. I supposed to go. But im here in Kampar and not Putrajaya.

I decided not to go.

The reason is not because i don't want but i can't. Will explain further.

so yea guys in Putrajaya, enjoy your time with our Prime Minister, Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak.


“Oit, what’s ur email add huh? Mai I add u now.. “ (19/8/2010 1.25am)

I received this sms from a good friend last night.

Hahaha lawak betul. U damn farnee lo. Suddenly tengah-tengah malam ask for my e-mail address. I know la you are leaving soon.

But hmmppph!

Know u so long now but now only you ask for my e-mail address ah. Ayooo.. hahaha. Save it la ye Adeline Wok. =p