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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

PHOTO of the day

6/4/2010 1.56pm Block G Garden, UTAR Kampar 7.21MB

A bunch of monkeys from JR January 2009 intake transformed themselves into human beings and posed as if they are the UTAR Models. blurrghhh! hahaha! anyway it's a damn nice picture la! woohooo!

The Woman Who Made HIV Real to A VIP


I just read a post in Datuk Marina Mahathir's blog and im so touched by it. thanks a lot Datuk Marina Mahathir. I've always fall in love with your words. and tonight, my tears drop again after read this post. i'm a student and i've been promoting health reproductive issue in my own capacity. i always try my best to stop people from discrimate the PLWHIVA. i wish there's more that i could do. n i'll repost this post in my FB. thanks a lot. God bless u.

*I've been involving in HIV/AIDS programmes in Penang and till today, i feel people are still the same. STIGMA! DISCRIMINATION! HATRED! FEAR!

spooky photos

JOB done. I have just selected 5 photos and send it to my chief editor. Well, it’s not a normal photos. They are photos of accident, disaster.
Ok actually they are photos of dead people. And as you all know, now is the Ching Ming period where the Chinese visit their dead relatives and clean up the tombs. And here I am, alone in my room, view and view and view again to choose the best photos for publication.
Fuh… I feel spooky actually because I didn’t switch on my lights just now.

Sacry! Ching Ming period, alone, dark, death. And you know what, they used to be the students of UTAR Kampar.
Ok im not gona show the photos here..for now. some other time la. some other right time. it’s sensitive lah.
im damn hungry now. I wana get out from here! Tata.

*anyone wana come sleep with me tonight? It's free. =p

new resolution: new hair cut

NEW HAIR CUT!! i want her hair!! im gona keep my hair long this year no matter what! wooohooo! it's SEXY la/ i've been wanting an afro hair style since last year.

Thanks Cherry for the inspiration. Thanks to Azhan and Mirawani too for having such a sexy hair. haha.

anyway i just took the picture lieke30minutes ago. It was a total random one. I saw Cherry from far and i fell in love on! CRAZY! So... tarang! i got her hair. =p

*by the way, the hair smells nice. =p

QUOTE of the day

People should not be afraid of its government. Government should be afraid of its people.

五月天 (Wu Yeh Tien) - 突然好想你 (Thu Rang Hao Shang Ni)

SONG of The Day

It has been such a long time since i post a song in my blog. i don't even remember when was the last time. Songs and melodies are part of my life. It's my friend, my companion. N i like to sing. but i know, know how to sing and able to sing is 2 different things. i think i belong to the first category. =p

Tonight let's listen to Mayday aka Wu Yeh Tien, a band from Taiwan. i like their songs for quite some time already but i don't have their songs cuz i can't read Chinese. yea im a Chinese who doesn't know how to read Chinese n im ashame of it.

The tile means suddenly i miss you so badly. hmm.. The song is making me missing someone that has gone long time ago.

go sleep la.. class at 9.30am tomorrow.

YOU are quoted

"To love is not to find the perfect person but to see someone imperfect as a perfect person."

~ Dexter Khaw Kuo Wen
~ 5/4/2010

* hmmm i doubt its from her cz i heard this somewhere before. wahahahha.