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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

spooky photos

JOB done. I have just selected 5 photos and send it to my chief editor. Well, it’s not a normal photos. They are photos of accident, disaster.
Ok actually they are photos of dead people. And as you all know, now is the Ching Ming period where the Chinese visit their dead relatives and clean up the tombs. And here I am, alone in my room, view and view and view again to choose the best photos for publication.
Fuh… I feel spooky actually because I didn’t switch on my lights just now.

Sacry! Ching Ming period, alone, dark, death. And you know what, they used to be the students of UTAR Kampar.
Ok im not gona show the photos here..for now. some other time la. some other right time. it’s sensitive lah.
im damn hungry now. I wana get out from here! Tata.

*anyone wana come sleep with me tonight? It's free. =p

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