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Monday, 23 August 2010

YOU are quoted, YB Hishammuddin

"In every country, there r those who make extreme statements. They r a minority and we must not allow them to set the national conversation."

~ Dato' Seri Hishammuddin bin Tun Hussein
~ Minister of Home Affairs, Malaysia; Member of Parliament for Sembrong, Johor; and UMNO Vice-President.
~ via Twitter

*Ok impressed by this statement. Walk the talk YB.

QUOTE of the day

"To strengthen the country you must first strengthen the people."

~ Martial Arts Master, Fork Yuen Karp / Huo Yuan Jia

ayooo PiDiaReM

Walaueh! Sipek kanasai betul. Last time I seldom see you on the street. But now puasa and Raya season, suddenly so many of you on the street, stop the cars, check this and that. Yennadei.. stop being hypocrite can or not? Come on. Do your work properly lah. So fake lu cai bo. Some more hor, Kampar is such a quiet and peace town. Now I really wonder some of you people are maintaining national security or your own pocket. Eh I didn’t accuse huh, im just asking. Anyway, this is what our PiDiaReM always do lo.. haih perangai tak ubah-ubah.

3 meow meow

3.56pm 18/8/2010 Westlakes

These 3 innocent and cute little kittens were abandoned outside my house. They were hiding and getting protection in between 2 bicycles. Oh I don’t know where are they now. =p

YOU are quoted

"People will not care when there is not a need present."

~ Vivien Chang Wei Lin
~ 3.40pm 21/8/2010
~ via MSN

truth and facts

See I'm still awake. OT ma. Just thought of many things. A lot of things are playing in my mind. Recalled a lot of past experiences. Got new inspirations. So let's share it around.
1) A new life begins when only you can totally let go of the past.

2) Sometimes people don’t know that they hurt us and most of the time we don’t tell them because we don’t want them to feel hurt.

3) A lot of people regret, blame themselves and start to appreciate and think of the good things from their loved ones when only they are no longer around but it’ll be too late.

4) I always believe that if our heart is clean, intention is good and conscience is clear, evils can never get near us.

5) When you have a task in front of you, settle it immediately, don’t wait because after that moment, you’ll never finish it.

6) I know I am not the best because I am not the best and I can’t be the best because the fact is no one can be the best of the best.

See isn’t it true? It’s a fact of life. It’s the truth. You can run but you can never hide.

I tak..

I tak lansi.
I tak berkira.
I tak ganas.
I tak handsome.
I tak muscular.
I tak punctual.
I tak show off.
I tak pandai in IT.
I tak simpan dendam.
I tak boleh tak makan nasi.
I tak suka orang buang barang i.
I tak pandai English and Chinese.
I tak kisah if I have non-Chinese gf.
I tak boleh if people keep rushing and bugging me.

i tak tau apa lagi nak cakap.


2010: Great Year

I still remember at the beginning of the year, i said this is gona be a good year.

Then i consistantly stick to that motto or belief. And i really make it a good year. I always pray that it will be a good year.

Then again and again i repeat the motto.

Till this moment, 2010 will still be a GREAT year. hehehe.

i achieved some feats already. i mean some good achivements and i wana keep a good track on it.

There were good and bad times.

I had a few good years that i still remember: 2003, 2005, 2007.

2010 is gona be a GREAT YEAR!