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Thursday, 31 December 2009

oen lucky girl

Every Malaysian students have to at least join a club and a society in school. they must collect points for co-curricular activities.

joined PBSM or MRCS since I was in primary school.

I was a very active member when I was in secondary school. After Form 5, I joined VAD but im not active it in.

And now im totally don’t care about PBSM or MRCS. But if I were given a chance to volunteer myself to the warzone or disasters places, I’ll definitely go.

I remembered I used to participate in a Heritage Walk organised by PBSM. We have to collect donation then go for a walk n we’ll have a chance to join the lucky draw.

This year, on 11th October 2009, they organised the same event too, at the Esplanade.

I was so shocked to know that my friend’s sister took part.

And this Standard 4 girl won a bike in the lucky draw!! arghh! She’s one lucky girl. But she's so small n the bike is so big, boleh ker bawa? =p

So lucky!! Congrats Jasmin.

capturing last day of 2009

ola people!

good morning!

i just reached home from photoshooting.

hehe.. i was awake the whole night, making my rounds around George Town, snap here and snap there.

Im so satisfied with all the photographs. Not bad la. ehehe. Trust me. Your jaw will drop when you see some of the photographs.

Now i have a new perspective towards life. While night time is a sleep time for most of us, it is also a hard time for certain people to make a living.

the last 24 hours of 2009


It’s 31st December 2009 already!! It’s the last day of 2009.

In less then 24 hours, we are going to step into a brand new year.

Are you ready people? What are you doing right now?

Im going out to capture the last 24 hours of 2009.

Wana join me?

I wana save the last moments of 2009 through my eyes, from my heart.


You can do the same too. Grab your gadgets now and start snapping.

Let us enjoy and remember the last day of 2009.

By the way, there’s a photography event to remember Penang in the last 24 hours.

For more information, click on the photos below or go to