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Monday, 5 September 2011

QUOTE of the day

If no say no. If cannot say cannot. Don’t wear so many hats at one time because it will never fit.
Sometimes it’s not that you don’t want but you can’t.

Facebook friends & REAL friends

I don’t have to keep on adding or approving the so-called friends that I don’t even know who the heck they are in my Facebook to make it into thousands.

My true friends are countable through my fingers. Real friends are those who you remember their real names, full names, where they stay, what they do, where they from, their backgrounds, their phone numbers etc.

I’m glad I have those companions around me when I needed them anywhere anytime. These people are my real friends, friends that I meet face to face and we can talk for hours. Yes, we argue. We argue because we are true to each other.

I am forgetful. I do break promises. But I do my very best to lend a hand they need it. This I can assure..

I may not be a very good friend, but I’m true to those who I treat as my friends.

Some of you might have listened to some insight stories about my life and my family before. Congrats. You are the real friens.

You guys are in my heart no matter where you are..

I’m sorry but Facebook friends are not true friends. Facebook is just a network. It’s a link. It’s a social networking. It’s just a tool for us to keep in touch. It’s a place to build a new friendship but not really a real friendship. Real friendship does not happen all the time.

Ok enough talking.

You may have a different view.

*BUT hey I’ve met some really nice and good people in Facebook too. Some have became closer friends. Thank you. =p *