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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

old people #27

5/12/2009 5.34pm Lebuh Armenian, Penang

This uncle is a kuih seller. It’s so rare to see an Indian pushing a round metal casing which contains Laksa and kuih on a cart around George Town these days. I remember when I was small, there are a lot of old Indians doing this business. Me n my cousins will rush out to buy Popiah, Kuih Kaya and Laksa from them. They sell Laksa and kuihs mainly. Since they have to push the cart, it’s impossible to use gas sylinder, so they use charcoal to heat the Laksa’s soup. I miss hearing ‘kuih’ ‘kuih’ from them. That’s the word they use to call the customers. Business usually after lunch until late evening.

third prize..

So u guys know right today is the public speaking competition final round? Yea I got third. My senior, Woon Pei-Jing got first. Senior got first, junior got third. Okla tu. hehe. She’s really good la. I was sad not because I lose but because I didn’t prepared well. Im so happy for her. it’s a good moment for Journalism course students too because 2 of its students are in TOP 3. =p She received RM600 n I RM100.

*oh ya she’s cute la. hehe.


Im gona remember this day 27/1/2010 for the rest of my  life.

I've learnt my first and biggest lesson of this year on the 9th day in UTAR Year 2 Semester 1.


*never try this at home.

YOU are quoted

"You are the unique one. OCE the only man in this world. OCE = Only Chin Eng."

~ Nixon Lai Chia Huey
~ 27/1/2010 12.09am

*i got this wish for my public speaking competition. hahaahah. this is so farnee la but so sweet. tq Brotha Lai. Haha TQ also for the wishes from my sister, ai loon, pei suang, amirah, saravani, nixon, ree nee, wei han, Adeline, yogasri, jing wen, subba, rajina, Mr. Afi, Melissa wong, tatsyaini, sin mei, sooi pheng, HER and etc.