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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

old people #27

5/12/2009 5.34pm Lebuh Armenian, Penang

This uncle is a kuih seller. It’s so rare to see an Indian pushing a round metal casing which contains Laksa and kuih on a cart around George Town these days. I remember when I was small, there are a lot of old Indians doing this business. Me n my cousins will rush out to buy Popiah, Kuih Kaya and Laksa from them. They sell Laksa and kuihs mainly. Since they have to push the cart, it’s impossible to use gas sylinder, so they use charcoal to heat the Laksa’s soup. I miss hearing ‘kuih’ ‘kuih’ from them. That’s the word they use to call the customers. Business usually after lunch until late evening.


  1. arrgghhh..i remember that...omg..that is so long ago..and hardly find it d..miss those days nia..faster faster rush out buy the kuih we like to eat eh...

  2. hahaha. yealo. sumor so cheap. we'll stand n eat laksa wif popiah. arrghh!