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Monday, 21 September 2009

THOUGHT of the day

Have you ever lied? Why you lied? To whom you lied? Is lying good? Is lying bad?

Why people tell lies? To run away from responsibility? To run away from punishment? To give trouble to people? To avoid bad image and perception? To make someone happy and feel better? To maintain good relationship? To cause harm to others? To get something that others couldn't? To make people feel good?

Each and every one of us lied. 100% of mankind lied. Humans lied.


Which is is better. You lie and make someone happy or you be truthful and make someone sad? you want to be good to yourself or to others. We always take the first option. Why? So that the other party won't feel hurt and so that we won't get bad image.

Truth is a torture. Sometimes LIE is to unhurt people. But sometimes LIE hurts people more.

what say you?

QUOTE of the day

When you have found what you want in your life, it's hard and sometimess impossible to just let it go.

MORAL of the day

Never leave anything on the seats of your car and never leave your car unlock.