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Tuesday, 17 April 2012


 "Oh Chin Eng is cheerful." 

How you know? You must say Oh Chin Eng is smiling happily, burst into laughters, jumping for joy etc. You are not that person, you don’t know how that person feeling inside. 

REMEMBER: specific, networks, dare to ask, sharp mind, more details, accuracy, timeliness.

my holiao camera

Well, what i can say is, don’t you look down on my capalang manual-focus DSLR with satay stick as the button together with a plaster on it.

Don’t play play, holiao till khisiao. Only the pro knows how to handle such a complicated machine ok.

It may be not as expensive as yours or not like the grand brand you are talking about. Who cares! I still take marvelous shots that touch the hearts. Can you?

My camera masuk hutan, masuk gua, masuk laut, masuk kubur, masuk segala tempat yang boleh masuk, tangkap segala benda yang boleh ditangkap and it’s still standing!

It's the best camera ever! wahaha!