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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Happy Birthday Cynthia Lim

i like banana

I love banana.

I was so desperate to get one after dinner.

So I went to the Mamak shop to get one.

Ahhh.. sexy! Damn nice.

I bought a sebatang fat sweet and long banana for 50 cent.

Cheap and yummy!

Banana is very good for health ok.

It contains potassium.

But sometimes after you eat, you might need to go sit in the toilet.

For your information, single banana can be bought from mamak restaurants in Kampar.

You can go to Ghany, Maha Maju or Premas.

Makanlah banana sebelum anda dibananakan!

quote of the day

It does not matter how long you took to finish a run as long as you completed it.