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Friday, 16 April 2010

got the ticket

Grrrrh finally got my ticket! Im going back to penang tomorrow.


It’s time to sleep. Good night. I wish not to be disturbed.

i need a peaceful sleep after all the cilaka assignments.

let me sleep till the next morning.


penang or kampar

it's already friday.. and it's already end of friday. It's weekend.

i am still thinking to go back to Penang or stay here in Kampar.


to go back or not to go back.

i don't know.

i feel like going back cuz i miss my home la. im so exhausted. i miss my family. i miss my bed and bantal busuk. i need a nice sleep. i know my mum will cook good food for me. i wana go eat by the roadside. go kaypo here and there in the island. i wana meet up with my buddies Wei Han, Dexter, Nixon, Chee Leng, Phui Leng and the others. i need to refill my pangsaicua, 100 Plus, tissue, 3in1 milo etc.

but i have to go back again end of tis month. my mum actually said no need to go back cuz it's a waste of money. another reason i wana go back is because i want to get back my camera accessory. i need it for a photoshoot next week in Ipoh. but if i go back n teh camera guy haven't repair the thing, waste my time and energy only.

*to be continued.

im 'HOT"

wooooh! HOT HOT!

My room is so hot suddenly.

No it's not because of the fan or the weather.

But it's because someone is folding my clothes for me. Wat the heck!!

hahaha. i mean thx to her, i don't have to fold my clothes. we were doing assignment n suddenly she get bored. She needs to do something.

And she's folding my clothes. ok that part is still ok. But i almost fainted when i saw my red underwear is folded!



can i mention ur name Tiff? =p

Thanks for being so 'mother' tonight.

unfinished SUSHI QUEEN?!!

oh SHIT! arrghhh! now only remember i haven't finish my Sushi yet. Thanks Poicia for asking!

anyway.. finally i got to eat Sushi! hahaha.. but i didn't go to Sushi King. Since today is the last day of Sushi Bonanza, the queue is SUPER LOOOONG. N i can't get the Sushi card from my fren. Okla a bit sad la can't feel the BONANZA..

so nvm lo. Me n Tiffany went to Sushi Queen. woohooo! yes Sushi Queen! never heard of it meh? Come to Kampar n have a look at it urself la duh. =p

the shop's name is actually The Little Kitchen la. I tell u the food is damn cheap! n the portion is damn BIG! It's super worth the $ u pay la. both of us cannot finish the Sushisssssssssssss. Too Fulled. I still feel like puking right now. So we tapao lo. The only problem is the menu is in Chinese. Wat The Heck then people who don't speak Chinese don't eat sushi meh. aih.. Improve a bit la people.

Anyway it was a nice dinner.. with nice people ma. So long never have a meal with Tiffany Oon Min-I already. =p There were friends that i know having dinner there as well. At our left are people that i know from UTAR Buddhist Society. and at our right are people that i know from the Church Campus COnnect. hahaa.

So no Sushi King? it's ok. i got Sushi Queen.

Why people like Sushi King? It's already became a culture. When people think of chicken, they'll think of KFC. When peopel think of fries and burger, they'll think of McD. And when people think of sushi, they'll think of Sushi King la.

No Why.. We grown up in this environment. We are instilled with that mindset. So be critical abit la. Other restaurants pun sedap ma. Not necessarily restaurant with a lot of branches sedap. =p

YOU are quoted

"Personality can be big people with small thing and small people with big thing."

~ Tee Bae Shiuan
~ 16/4/2010 12.08am
~ via MSN

*awwww this is super sweet la! THX Bae Bae for the inspirational words! I'll make our interview a good one, i'll try. And thanks for your trust..