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Friday, 16 April 2010

penang or kampar

it's already friday.. and it's already end of friday. It's weekend.

i am still thinking to go back to Penang or stay here in Kampar.


to go back or not to go back.

i don't know.

i feel like going back cuz i miss my home la. im so exhausted. i miss my family. i miss my bed and bantal busuk. i need a nice sleep. i know my mum will cook good food for me. i wana go eat by the roadside. go kaypo here and there in the island. i wana meet up with my buddies Wei Han, Dexter, Nixon, Chee Leng, Phui Leng and the others. i need to refill my pangsaicua, 100 Plus, tissue, 3in1 milo etc.

but i have to go back again end of tis month. my mum actually said no need to go back cuz it's a waste of money. another reason i wana go back is because i want to get back my camera accessory. i need it for a photoshoot next week in Ipoh. but if i go back n teh camera guy haven't repair the thing, waste my time and energy only.

*to be continued.

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