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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

爺爺 (Grandpa) - 曹格 (Gary Cao)

I love this song.

But everytime I listen to it, I’ll tear. I am moved by the voice of the innocent baby. I miss my ah kong. Both of them still around but I seldom see them.. They are getting g old.

Do you still remember at the end of last year so many people got married? And guess what, now at the beginning of the year, I received news of people passing away. Not one, but it’s one by one..

Cynthia’s grandma passed away last Saturday. My another friend from KL also lost her grandma at the same time. Then Whitney Houston also shocked the world by her passing on Sunday February 12. Today some Taiwan singer also died.

Aduih… y so many people died in one short??

Everytime I pray, I pray that my grandparents are well and healthy and can live till very old. Oh I must visit them this week!

Happy Valentine’s Day to my grandpa and grandma. =p