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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

YOU are quoted

"The mind of a person is the action of the whole."

~ Derek Bong
~ 9/6/2010 10.28am

YOU are quoted

"Once you run for election, you are subject yourself to political judgement. Be ready with public judgement. Let the public judge you."

~ Miss Por Heong Heong
~ Political Science lecturer of UTAR
~ 9/6/2010

QUOTE of the day

One day your live will flash upon your eyes. Make it worth watching.

~ someone unknown

i am Chin Eng but i always boh eng

both 'chin eng' and 'boh eng' are Hokkien words.

chin eng means very free.

boh eng means not free.

so my name, Chin Eng can be interpreted as very free.

but HEY!!

i mana free.

i'm always BUSY!

KAYPO here and do.

DO this and that.

HELP this and that.



nola. im not chin eng. but im boh eng.